Doing the right thing

I witnessed a young man get up from his seat today in a crowded public environment to offer it to a young woman. She beamed with happiness and he held his head high with pride as he stood near the door. Both were made happy by this small gesture of traditional manners and chivalry. Both happily embraced their gender roles in the process. And those sitting nearby were visibly impressed and nodded or smiled in approval. No one rose to challenge the young man for treating the young woman differently – unequally – due to her gender. I was reminded of the importance of small actions and how traditionalism in the South contributes to social harmony and happiness.

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  1. Thank you for taking note of this, Sir. These little details of daily etiquette have broad import as indicators of the state of our culture and the value of it.

    If I, as a Tarheel Gentleman, am bereft of a chivalrous way to pursue a goal, I stop pursuing it – until such time as that chivalrous way has made itself clear, or I have happened upon one..

    A free and independent South without chivalry, would be much much worse than a subordinated South with it -because no political legitimacy can supplant the moral and ethical soils which give rise to it.

    A South that maintains the priority of chivalry, as it reawakens to the prerogatives of it’s existence, will, ultimately, be, blesst.


  2. I strive to remember and put into practice the rules taught to me by my parents and teachers. It pays great dividends. It also helps to keep Southern traditional culture alive. It’s what marks us as different from our enemies.


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