Mentality of the Postmodern elite

Alexander Dugin, the Russian geopolitical theorist and Eurasianist leader, described the international elite in his own country as being at odds ideologically with “the grassroots patriots.” He noted:

A considerable part of it is liberal, Atlanticist and postmodernist. Its members do not think of themselves as citizens of a great nation, but as the inhabitants of a small country, and they are not a fifth column that would act in secret, but a sixth, openly integrated into the global network of Atlanticism, liberalism, capitalism and postmodernity. They no longer think as members of a people but only as members of this network.

This mentality will doubtlessly sound familiar to Southerners as they witness the actions of US elites and politicians. While every society has elites, the present Postmodern dark age has raised up inorganic elites who generally lack a paternalistic social consciousness. “They no longer think as members of a people.” This is the sad state of being tradition-less and homeless. The good news is that, as in Russia and other countries, we are blessed with many “grassroots patriots” who are not ready to roll over at the command of the current crop of deracinated elites.



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  1. Concerning Mr. Dugin’s premise, here, I have often thought that, with the development of Marxism or Socialism (I don’t want to get lost in semanticks) the descendant to the ‘nationalist’ period in history begin it’s rise.

    Sir, one can look back all across history and culture and find a competition between these two fundamentally different ways of looking upon one’s world.

    Just think of all those high ‘English’ chieftains who, according to ‘British’ historian Francis Pryor, DID NOT fight The Roman invasion around 50b.c. – BUT, that there was no such thing; that, verily, these ‘ruling elites’ invited the Romans in; and that they, soon enough, were fonder of thinking of themselves as the ‘International Elite’ i.e. ‘Roman Citizens’ than as ‘grassroots patriots – quaint li’l ole ‘Sussexers’ or ‘Cornishmen’.

    One can see the model for modern ‘Atlanticist’ Federalism today. In fact, it may be a bit cryptick that we, pro-southern Southerners, advocate for a return to our traditional culture ( Anglo mores), when, ever since the fall of Harold of Wessex, at Blood Lake, the ‘English ruling class’ have rarely done anything but pursue this Federalist idea – all over the globe.

    Ah, the complexities of politicks…

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