Chivalry and Southern civilization

The code of conduct called chivalry developed during the same period as did the roots of the plantation civilization in the Mediterranean basin (which was quickly spread by Iberians and Italians to the islands of the Eastern Atlantic and later to Brazil, Barbados and Dixie). It developed from a process which combined Germanic military prowess with the civility of the Church and Mediterranean-based culture. This combination served Europe well, protecting its people from numerous invasions by barbarians. Chivalry came to be identified with civilization itself and those who practiced it did so in part to mark themselves as civilized men.

The South traditionally defended its order as necessary to protect civilization. We have only to look today at Memphis, Birmingham and many other areas of our country to see how right our ancestors were in this regard. Not surprisingly, the South has also been far more closely identified with chivalry than has the bourgeois North.

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  1. I am glad to see you’re talking of chivalry. It’s a neglected topick, today – particularly by the blog-world which encourages and provides vent for scathing venting.

    In North Carolina, chivalry is, and always has been, a deservedly touted and much prized item, a principal part of etiquette – though, not quite everybody has it.

    I think that, in the long run, there is a perceivable connection between those practitioners of chivalry, and those culture which give rise to them, and those who receive The Lord’s blessing.


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