A few words about SNN

As some SF readers know I used to operate a website called Southern Nationalist Network (SNN). It was online for 5 years and followed a website called Southron Liberation Media News (SLMN). I started SLMN while living in Europe and it was a rather amateurish-looking project. When I returned to this side of the Atlantic I scrapped SLMN and began SNN. It was meant to be a much more ambitious and professional project with podcasts, videos and scholarly articles. For several years I dedicated as much time to it as one would a full time job. It was an effort I could not sustain once I took a job which was more demanding of my time. As well, I felt that the goal of popularizing Southern nationalism as a tradition distinct from US conservatism had been achieved. SNN had also established that “Southern heritage” means more than the events of 1861-1865, honoring the Confederate soldiers and the “soldiers’ flag” (as many rather PC heritage folks now call it as if to distinguish CSA symbols from the Confederate government and its cause). In particular SNN explored the Caribbean roots of the Southern plantation culture and Dixie as being the north of a plantation civilization which stretched from the Chesapeake Bay to northeastern Brazil (for which I brought back the Antebellum term “Golden Circle”). I recently decided to close down the site, giving advance notice to only a few people. I decided that SNN was just too ambitious now and I needed a simpler blog without pretentions of being an online media network. I also have a book coming out soon which is all about the Golden Circle. While I am no longer on Facebook it has come to my attention that there has been a good bit of debate about me and the closing of SNN and the opening of this blog. Hopefully this post puts some of the rumors to rest. I am not distancing myself from Southern nationalism, as anyone who reads this blog can tell. I have not “gone full Dugin” – I don’t even know what that means as I have for quite some time admired his work and activism. I simply took time off after years of intense activism to rest, write a book and dedicate my time to personal affairs. I closed down one website to open another. And I am quite pleased with the way this one is going thus far.

Thank you to everyone who followed SNN. I met many good people through it. I hope that SNN readers will come to enjoy SF. And I look forward to seeing innovations in Southern nationalist efforts to advance our cause.



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    • The hosting fee was not an issue. I did not want a defunct website hanging around. I felt I had done all I could with SNN and it was time to move on. I also did not want an archive going back 5 years which contained a lot of personal and emotional content. Very few people have as much of them archived like that and it was not a prospect I found appealing. Also, some of the early content took positions which were a little different than my views now and it was too much material to wade through and sort out. So, for several reasons I didn’t want to leave it up.


  1. Thanks for continuing your good work SF…new site looks eloquent & has the simplicity of a Steve “Simplicity=Sophistication” Jobs product. I read your writings on the Golden Circle & found it a very interesting subject as I had not explored this very deeply even though residing in the midst of Barbados influenced Architecture in Charleston, SC!


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