Nationalist update May 25, 2015

Golden Circle

Southern heritage group’s proposal to donate and re-install a Confederate memorial sign at Sutherlin Mansion turned down by Danville City Council in Virginia. Last fall the museum’s board asked city to remove a Confederate flag from atop a Sutherlin memorial.

Black artist to live stream video of burning of Confederate flag in each Southern State.

The Federal Government of Brazil suspends transportation of Haitian and African immigrants from northern States to the more affluent and Whiter south. The mayor of São Paulo has complained about the influx. The governor of Acre noted that the Haitian immigrants usually travel through 3 or 4 countries to reach Brazil. Thus, they are not truly refugees but rather economic migrants leaving the poverty of their own country for the relative affluence of others. Haiti has been an economic basket case and failed state ever since it was born in the racial genocide which saw its European population slaughtered or forced out of the country, destroying what had been a wealthy plantation colony.


Rising nationalist Jobbik party critical of recent remarks by President Viktor Orbán of Hungary on immigration. Party leaders say center-Right president hasn’t brought back border guard or closed refugee reception center. Jobbik, which is the third largest party in Hungary’s parliament, recently won an important by-election, and is riding high in polls with collapse of support for conservative and socialist parties.

Record high support
for nationalist party Sweden Democrats. The anti-immigration party is already the third largest in the country and is polling at 14.7%. The Left-wing Social Democrats, who support open-borders, have suffered a decline in popularity.

Center-Right, pro-business party pushes for another referendum to overturn limits on immigration. European Union officials say Switzerland must allow free flow of people. A referendum backed by the nationalist Swiss People’s Party (the largest party in the Swiss parliament) against mass immigration narrowly passed in 2014. An estimated 23.4% of people living in the Alpine country are foreigners.

Russia passes ban on “undesirable” NGOs. Such groups are often used by the USA and EU to support regime change and liberal policy changes.

USA Outside of the South

Group of topless Black women block busy San Francisco street in a #BlackLivesMatter publicity stunt.

South Africa

Petition to allow White South Africans to return to Europe due to the anti-White genocide in the Rainbow Nation.

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