Social harmony, order & the state

The New York Times reports that Cleveland has reached an agreement with the US Justice Department over a “pattern of unconstitutional policing and excessive use of force.” The picture used in the article shows a confrontation between rowdy Black protesters and a row of stern-looking White policemen. In a related story #BlackBrunch protesters attacked White customers at upscale Cleveland restaurants yesterday, some of them beaten and others pepper-sprayed.

This and other news stories from Baltimore, New York, St. Louis and Selma brings to mind a point that traditionalists have often made about tyranny. When the family, church and community are strong the state can be minimal. This is not true though when the family is destroyed, the church is fragmented and no longer influential and the community is divided into lots of competing factions based on race, language, culture and ideology. In the former Golden Circle (the plantation civilization of the Western Hemisphere to which the Old South belonged) the state was extremely minimal because it was largely not needed. However, in the USA today the state is large and intrusive because it is about the only thing left holding society together.

It is easy to predict that if the police, chastised by the Federal Government, withdraw from ghettos that these places will again be plagued with a high level of violence and crime – as was the case in the 1980s. The increasingly militarized Thin Blue Line is the only thing keeping a lid on the huge and ever-expanding underclass – the human ruins of Progressive social destruction.

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