The question

This is the question that we ask: what is to become of the Southern people?

Their answer: The Southern people will continue to suffer mass immigration, migration, forced assimilation and integration. The South, already far less distinct from the other regions of the United States than it was only a few decades ago, will be eventually lose all of its important ethnic, cultural, religious and political distinctions. The descendants of the Southern people will be racially and culturally amalgamated into the emerging non-Western American majority. For all practical purposes then the Southern people will cease to exist.

Our answer: The Southern people will achieve greater consciousness as a unique ethno-cultural national body. Building on this consciousness, they will achieve self-determination. The South will be restored as a homeland for the Southern people and their descendants. The South’s ethnic, cultural, religious and political distinctions from the emerging non-Western majority in the United States will be sharpened. The Southern people will work together with the Western people of the other post-plantation societies of the Americas to ensure their collective well-being and create a region which shall be one of the Great Spaces of a multi-polar world.



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  1. When you say “Southern People” do you still identify with the League that Southerners are only Anglo-Celts, or are you moving in a more Rainbow direction?

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    • A variety of demographic data distinguishes Southerners as a unique people. These include race, ethnicity, religion, politics, etc. Blacks in the South vary little in terms of ancestry, politics or ethnic identity from Blacks outside of the South. This is not true for native-born Whites in the South, who are far more likely to be of British ancestry, identify ethnically as “American” and lean strongly to the Right than Whites outside of the South. My upcoming book has more to say on this matter.


        • I am not self-publishing it. I would rather not reveal the name of the publishing house until it announces the book. The work on my end is nearly complete. Pre-publication copies should be sent out for review in July. Publication should follow shortly thereafter.


  2. “The Southern people will achieve greater consciousness as a unique ethno-cultural national body.”

    So many of us were denied our heritage being raised in public schools and taught by the federal department of education. Without identity there will be no need for nationalist politics much less independence as a people. Thus, the natural first step and key to it all is……….identity.


  3. I find your website interesting because the Nation of Islm wants to do the same thing for Southern Blacks. The NOI want to buy or taken over land in the South to bring Black people back to a more agrarian life style. Also the NOI wants to build relationships South America and the Middle.

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    • More power to them. As long as they wouldn’t rule over us and would agree with self-determination for all I am fine with the NOI. They would provide the structure that community needs. Though I doubt their regime would last long.


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