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  1. Well, it’s a cute article, and certainly does substantiate your thoughts.

    That said, I am a little worn out with my fellow Southerner’s present day love for escapist abstractions from the halcyon days of yore.

    Time to stop arguing about Longstreet, Bragg, or Lee, and get down to the business at hand – Southern subjugation in the modern day.

    I mean – if Longstreet, Bragg, or Lee (and all our ancestors of those days) had been so lost in distractionalism, we never would have known their names today – because they would have stayed by their hearths with their i-Pods and laptops- talking and dissipating, instead of contemplating the doing of something concrete.


    • That is an excellent point, JD. I sometimes wonder how people can consume their lives with games or other escapist diversions when their people, culture and heritage are being destroyed. In other countries people fight back.


      • Sir, I thank you for your reply and kindness. Many times I have wondered about, and grieved, why our people are, and have been for decades, so ‘transfixt’ into a state of utter ovine submissivity.

        Yes, ethnick groups have a part. Yes, time in history, and, in particular, technology, has played a part. Yes, the media plays a role. Yes, we Southerners, as a whole, prefer to fit into and manage the structures others have made. Yes, our academick institutions have been subverted. Yes, the life of a people is like one person – in that it goes through many many phases. And yes, there is a foreign government afoot in our lands…

        If you are not religious, Sir, as I am, I hope this is not offensive to you, but, I have come to believe that something unseen is come for us; something so utterly craven in it’s misanthropick intent, that I can only call it satanick. And this evil, maskt as everything good and better, (as Satan always does) has us worse than by the throat – it has us by the hearts and heads.

        2015 is a grieving time for a southern patriot – just as 2014 was. We’ll have to bear up to it, for we cannot give up.

        Thank you, Sir, for persisting for us, and for ever honing your sword.


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