Ann Coulter: So right, so wrong

It is baffling how Ann Coulter, one of the few people left with actual Rightist views who is given a voice by the US media (as it once did Pat Buchanan) can be so good on immigration (and relentlessly take Republican leaders to task for being on the wrong side of such a paramount issue) and so bad on foreign adventurism. Most importantly, the whole of Iraq, populated mostly by non-Western, non-Christian people, isn’t worth the life of a single Southern soldier. As well, Saddam was a stabilizing figure who kept those like ISIS out. Wouldn’t it be nice to have secure borders and not send our young people to fight in wars around the world which never benefit our people? You bet.



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  1. These wars are wars for Israel which controls our country. Surely you know this. It’s of course indelicate to say so. If Coulter told the truth she would lose all column space and never have another book printed by the major book publishers.


  2. I don’t agree that ‘these wars are for Israel’. Some of them may well be, but, long before there was an Israel, or a significant Jewish lobby, the Yankee government showed it foreign adventurist inclinations – starting with the war with us, to force us to hide and heel to their imaginary visions…


    • As to the site host’s query about how Ann Coulter gets to her particular answers, I would say this –

      She is very conservative, yes, Sir – that she is. YET, she is a Yankee; and, as such, she does NOT have a Southerner’s inward tendency towards parochial views – but, a Yankee’s outward expansionist views.

      To my eyes, Sir, Yankees tend, unconsciously, to project outward at the world and see how it ought be altered to fit them and their imaginations, whereas a Southerner tends to look inward at his real world and see how it might be improved, preserved, or protected.

      My uncle was, for the last decades leading up to his death in 2006, considered the world’s most reknowned behavioral embryologist (scientifick mumbo-jumbo for how we get to be who we are, as individuals) and I never heard him try to offer an explanation for why Anglo-Saxe Yankees are so different than Anglo-Saxe Southerners.

      It may be inscrutable – though, as Cartesians, we may simply accept it as is, and work within that frame.

      Does this help?


        • I think she said she was raised in Connecticut. But, as was said before elsewhere, no Northern conservative ever conserved anything. There’s always that desire to dominate and rule over others laying beneath everything they say and do.


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