Nationalist update June 1, 2015

Marine Le Pen, head of the France‘s National Front and a leading candidate for the 2017 presidential election, appears ever more statesman-like. She recently met with Egypt’s political and religious leaders to discuss in part the threat of Islamic extremism in Europe. She argued that a stable Egypt could be “the castle that will protect us” from immigration. Le Pen recently met with Russian government leaders to discuss cooperation in offering an alternative (creating a multi-polar world) to the liberal, Atlanticist order imposed by the US and EU upon most of the Western world.

The Northern League has expanded its appeal outside its base in northern Italy and is increasingly the primary challenger to the country’s socialist government. The League has “made significant electoral gains in central and left-leaning parts of Italy, results that reflect growing opposition to the EU and concern over the thousands of migrants landing on Italy’s shores each week.”

The Freedom Party of Austria made huge gains in the recent Styria state election, taking over 27% of the vote while running on an anti-immigration platform.

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