The pleasure of growing mint

For fans of the iconic Southern drink mint julep, growing mint (or mentha) at home has obvious advantages over using grocery store-bought mint. It tastes fresh, saves on the plastic the store uses to package it (and thus is better for the environment), smells fantastic around the porch and you can easily have all you need for your cool summer adult beverage with minimal effort. Mint grows and spreads quickly using underground runners.

How pleasurable it is decide to make a drink, walk outside, pull the leaves off your plant, wash them off and muddle them as you concoct your special julep!



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  1. Sir, to protect our new acquired antebellum mansion, we have planted mint all around the house. The research shows that termites cannot stand to get within yards of it. For $100 of chocolate mint plants, spread at 3-4 foot intervals, (spreading rapidly as you have mentioned) we will save untold thousands to the exterminator, not to mention the perils of being around his spray.

    Furthermore, when I am not working, I am out in the garden – protected by a natural bug repellant of which mint plays a part.

    Additionally, I suck on cold straight mint tea, throughout the day, it being the greatest natural coolant you can think of. The heat, outside the body, just cannot seem to break through the inner chill of mint.

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  2. During the time I lived in the Ozarks, I enjoyed taking a stroll into the banks of creek beds to find the wild mint growing about in random patches. Forage is an important skill almost lost in the present age.


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