War on South reaches new low

The war on the South and Southern heritage has now extended to ripping up little flags from the graves where soldiers are buried. Occidental Dissent reports on the anti-Southern hate crimes which have recently taken place in Clayton and Union Springs, Alabama as well as other attacks at Athens and Selma, Alabama, the University of North Carolina and St. Louis, Missouri.

The question looms. How will we answer it?



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  1. ‘The question looms. How will we answer it?’

    If, Sir, you mean by ‘we’, as y’all at The League of The South, I’m sure y’all will cook up somethin’ dandee.

    If, on the other hand, you mean by ‘we’ … as in ‘we Southerners’, then, for the short-term, (if not long) the answer will be as it, for decades, has been – no answer.

    Why, you ask? : because, Sir – we, Southerners, long ago got out of the ‘we’ department…


      • Well, the publisher says it’s not a new book, but one that was written a century ago, and which is just now published for the first time. Right from the get-go there are some startling parallels with many things you say. Odd.


        • The book is written by a present-day author, as can be seen on page 144. There are absolutely no “startling parallels”… the book winding some ideas (a few possibly interesting) with a storyline that’s almost non-existent. The mix between reality and dream-like visions of the characters are also just confusing. Having to dip into that trick-box to fill pages is really not worth it. Neither is the picking up of increasing numbers of characters along the line, just to have them in there (3 priests? for what?)
          The author may have had something to say, but he certainly did not succeed in saying it in this book. It fails… even as entertainment it fails.


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