Archbishop Jensen: US Episcopal church broke with tradition & Bible

Retired Archbishop Peter Jensen of Australia, a leader in the traditionalist Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans – a theologically conservative Anglican network of churches opposed to the strongly liberal direction of the Anglican Communion in recent years – was quoted recently as saying “In my own lifetime we have seen the death of Christian Britain.” As if to make this point, Rev. Chris Newlands, the openly gay vicar of Lancaster Priory, recently “proposed a motion that would allow for a liturgical celebration of an individual’s identity following gender transition, much like a baptism, and would include a renaming ceremony.”

Jensen had equally strong words for the Progressive mainstream of the fallen US Episcopal church, saying it has “decided to break with centuries-old tradition and with the biblical position on human sexuality.” In 2011 “Two lesbian Episcopal priests kicked off the New Year by marrying in Massachusetts. The Very Rev. Katherine Hancock Ragsdale, dean and president of Episcopal Divinity School, and Mally Lloyd, canon to the Ordinary, married on Saturday at St. Paul’s Cathedral in Boston in front of nearly 400 guests. The Rt. Rev. M. Thomas Shaw, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts, solemnized the marriage.”

It is interesting that Josef Stalin’s Communist Party of the Soviet Union was more socially conservative and traditionalist than are many leaders of the Anglican and Episcopal churches charged with advancing the Christian faith.

Also see: ‘Transgender’ legislation map on North vs South



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  1. The Soviets understood that you can’t have a viable, stable civilisation based on perversion and chaos. Those things were for bringing about the moral/political defeat of the enemy and not to be tolerated in Soviet/Socialist society. The Communists understood that freedom had failed, but they could never admit to themselves that they were trying to bring back pre Enlightenment civilisation. The Eastern block nations were organised along feudal lines, with party officials replacing the aristocracy and crown. If you investigate the nature of an agricultural collective, you’ll find our old friends, the Roman villa and the Plantation.

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  2. Sir, one has to wonder why Archbishop Jensen and his myriad followers don’t just come back to the church which has, very nearly entirely defied change – The Orthodox Church.

    I hope the good archbishop is not deluding himself that the official church of the Federated Atlanticist Order – under Emperor Rothschild, has any plans whatsoever of returning to former suit.

    May Our Lord bless this archibishop, however, for standing pat and speaking the truth.


  3. Was talking with my Russian Orthodox priest, yesterday, and when I mentioned the story you had posted here, he commented that the African bishops of the Anglican Church had, already a dozen years ago, proclaimed the essential heresy of the modern English church….


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