Nationalist update June 4, 2015

Golden Circle

Haitian migrants are flooding Brazilian border towns
. The migrants have to go through several countries to reach Brazil, demonstrating that they are not refugees. Having destroyed their country’s once prosperous plantation system and ethnically cleansed its White population, Haitians now seek aid from or flee to countries such as Brazil and the USA which have large White populations.

The Satanic Temple and a Northern Atheist group called Freedom From Religion have stopped a school district in Florida from handing out free Bibles. US bourgeois culture is moving in a decidedly anti-Christian direction and is negatively influencing the South. “A new PEW poll found the number of Americans identifying as atheists has more than doubled in the past few years, while those describing themselves as religiously unaffiliated are expected to grow to a quarter of the U.S. population by 2050. All this is matched by a decline in Americans, especially young ones, identifying as Christians.”

Southern nationalists from the League of the South held a “Feds out of Kentuckydemonstration in Alexandria. Their pro-independence message was well-received by the public.

Former New OrleansChocolate City” Mayor Ray Nagin, who was found guilty of 20 felony counts related to corruption and sentenced to a minimum security Federal prison, is seeking a re-trial. The corrupt Democratic mayor and Tuskegee University graduate was given a much shorter prison term than recommended under Federal sentencing guidelines. His chances of being given a re-trial are described as “a real long shot.”


A Roman Catholic bishop has endorsed a Northern League candidate for office in Italy. The surging nationalist party “has taken strong stands against abortion and homosexuality while also opposing immigration.”

The Alternative for Germany (AfD) has cancelled its party conference for now after a major split has developed between Euro-skeptic economic liberals and socially-conservative nationalists. The Right-wing party has “won places in five regional parliaments and at the European Parliament.” In February the AfD won 5.5% of the vote in the Socialist stronghold of Hamburg. It has won around 10% in some eastern German states making the party a real threat to the pro-EU and pro-immigration center-Right Christian Democratic Union.

Muslim immigrants in the Netherlands are angry that nationalist leader Geert Wilders, head of the Party for Freedom, has requested a display in the Dutch parliament of drawings of Muhammad. Muslim leaders have called for Wilders to be beheaded and he has to travel with tight security to prevent attempts on his life.

Growing support for anti-immigration Sweden Democrats. The nationalist party is now polling 14.5%, up from 12.9% last Fall.

Two conferences – one for Right-wing nationalists and the other for Left-wingers who oppose the current US/EU-imposed Atlanticist order – were recently held in support of the pro-Russian republics of Donetsk and Lugansk which seceded from the Ukraine and have been fighting for their right to self-determination against US-backed forces. The organization Novaya Rus put on the conferences which drew heavily from dissident parties across Europe.

USA Outside of Dixie

Democrats and Republicans argue over whether President Obama is in fact “the closest thing to a Jew that has ever sat in this office.”

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