‘Transgender’ legislation map on North vs South

Media Matters, a US Progressive website created for “monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation”, has a new article out promoting “non-discrimination laws to protect transgendered students.” The so-called “transgendered” are people whose “gender identity” doesn’t match their biological reality. In US bourgeois society there are now also people called “Otherkin” who believe they are animals or aliens, not humans. The latest such manifestation of rampant individualism and cultural decline is the call for acceptance of “transableism“, a mental affliction which sometimes leads people to mutilate themselves in a desire to be crippled. Rather than a focus on curing such people, US bourgeois culture now demands that disorders afflicting transgendered, Otherkin and transabled people be accepted and celebrated.

Media Matters has a map which shows the 17 States with laws granting special protection to transgendered students. All of these States are in New England, the Upper Midwest or on the Left Coast, minus Colorado (which has been flooded with people from California and Mexico in recent years, turning the formerly conservative State liberal).

As was the case with interracial and homosexual marriage, abortion and numerous other Left-wing causes, the US Progressive mainstream will eventually (through court orders or gradual cultural imperialism) force such laws upon Southern States as well if the South does not regain the right of self-determination.



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  1. Colorado is just on the other side of the Oklahoma panhandle from Texas. Denver is now being settled by NETs., especially New Yorkers. Bloomberg came down and tried to interfere in a Colorado gubernatorial election recall and vote. Native Coloradans were upset enough to make a T.V. ad denouncing Bloomberg and New York for interference in local/state political and cultural matters. I liked to fell over when they showed it on T.V. here in Texas. They’re learning what Texans, Okies and other Southrons have always known.

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  2. Sir, is this map not just about the same dang map we’ve seen on the beginning of every social reform issue, over near ’bout the last 70 years? We know the winds come at as from the northeast and Northwest – and gradually trickle down to strangle us…


    • Yes, that is true. We haven’t any way left in this system to stop such from happening short of insisting and fighting for autonomy or independence.


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