Ghana beckons Black diaspora

Ghana seeks to defy the trend when it comes to Black migration. The general trend is for Blacks to leave their countries in search of White-governed countries. For example, many thousands of Black Africans risk their lives each month to reach Europe. Likewise in the Western Hemisphere many thousands of Haitians of African ancestry are fleeing their country, seeking to reach Brazil with its large and politically dominant White population. But as Atlanta Blackstar notes, Ghana has a Right of Abode program offering legal residence to people of African ancestry around the world. Bob Marley’s widow took advantage of the opportunity and the Blackstar reports on some enterprising Black Americans who have relocated to Ghana to start up businesses.

Black nationalist Marcus Garvey headed a shipping start-up (which was poorly managed and went out of business after only a few years) called the Black Star Line. It was part of his back-to-Africa movement.

Ghana is an English-speaking West African country of about 27 million people which has an abundance of natural resources including oil, natural gas, gold and diamonds. Its economy has experienced rapid growth in recent years.

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