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  1. True cultural appropriation.

    It happens everywhere; everything from our music, to our food, to our way of speaking is appropriated then exploited. I never understood the cognitive dissonance that must exist in most Americans minds when they absolutely love every single part of our culture they come into contact with (and usually prefer it to their own), they constantly say that every Southerner they’ve met is “so sweet, so kind” etc…..yet if you asked if overall we are an oppressive and horrible people they will unfailingly agree. Or at minimum excitedly lap up what the Hollywood jews put out there as Southern hate propaganda.

    Seeing this stuff really burns me up. That new Dew Shine commercial is another – Mountain Dew being an original bootlegged alcohol, then a famous bluegrass song, then a supposed “Southern” drink which I guess it was for a short time before being bought out. Now they use our own accents, our land, a caricature of our people and symbols into national commercials to sell something which looks like an authentic but is totally fake. It’s even named “Rebel Spirit”. If they took the profits and invested them in anything actually Southern I would be ok,but it’s just more Southern Minstrel Shows.


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