No social contract

When did you sign the social contract touted so highly and often by Progressive bourgeois society? When you were born into a family? When as an infant you decided to stay with your family rather than flee to some barren land far from any human settlement? The ridiculous nature of the social compact theory becomes obvious upon examination.

A future Southern society in which people are mostly happy and connected to each other in a harmonious, stable and fruitful manner must recognize that society is a being and that individuals are born into that being which predates, nourishes them and gives their life meaning.

We believe no heresy in moral science has been more pregnant of mischief than this [social contract] theory of Locke. It lies at the bottom of all moral speculations, and if false, must infect with falsehood all theories built on it. Some animals are by nature gregarious and associative. Of this class are men, ants and bees. An isolated man is almost as helpless and ridiculous as a bee setting up for himself. Man is born a member of society, and does not form society. Nature, as in the cases of bees and ants, has it ready formed for him. He and society are cogenital. Society is the being – he one of the members of that being.

Source: George Fitzhugh, Sociology for the South, A. Morris, Richmond, VA, 1954

Also see: Fitzhugh on usury & social conscience



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