The trouble with Locke & ‘free society’

Modern social reformers, except Mr. Carlyle, proceeding upon the theory of Locke, which is the opposite of Aristotle, propose to dissolve and disintegrate society, falsely supposing that they thereby follow nature. There is not a human tie that binds man to man that they do not propose to cut “sheer asunder.” ‘Tis true, after their work of destruction is finished, they see the necessity of society; but instead of that natural and historical society, which has usually existed in the world, with its gradations of rank and power, its families, and slaves, they propose wholly to disregard the natural relations of mankind….

Source: Cannibals All! or Slaves Without Masters, George Fitzhugh, The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA, 1988, pp. 71-72



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  1. Sir, although I have long thought that The Devil hinders us from within by faceless fear, discouragement and impatience – from without I have begun to think his chief mask is Nihilism – that, at this time in history, is cloakt as the social justice posited by the Left.

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  2. Many, especially young people today, are afflicted with nihilism, JD. It is a most difficult affliction to overcome.


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