Nationalist update June 14, 2015

Golden Circle

Leftist Montgomery Advertiser newspaper urges Alabama to give up its Confederate heritage and embrace anti-Southern US values.

Newspaper holds online poll on whether Confederate flags should be removed from Limestone County Courthouse in northern Alabama. Sixty-two percent against removal of flags.

Annual celebration held for Brazilians of Southern ancestry who fled the US-occupied South following the defeat of the Confederacy. Lots of Confederate flags, dancing, antebellum costumes, etc. as the Confederados of Brazil remember their roots in Dixie.

The Leftist government of Brazil is expanding visa options to Haitians, allowing many more to legally enter the country, as an influx of thousands of immigrants from the impoverished Black republic has created a crisis in northern Brazilian border towns.

Orange County Historical Museum in North Carolina asks officials to remove the words “Confederate Memorial” from building in effort to be more “inclusive”.

Charleston City Paper attacked by out-of-State Leftists for use of Confederate flag on cover about a series highlighting “rednecks”. The anti-Southern South Carolina newspaper defends use, insisting the flag was “merely to help indicate that these were white trash rednecks.”

Illegal immigrants sue South Carolina, demanding in-State tuition costs for college.

Conference for Hispanic Evangelicals in Texas seeks to drum up support for Israel. Though dominant today, Dispensationalist Evangelicalism, an untraditonal Christian splinter movement, was born in the North and only became popular in the defeated South mostly among the lower classes in the early 20th century.

USA Outside of Dixie

Poll shows 72% of Americans and 56% of Republicans support a path to amnesty for the many millions of illegal immigrants in the USA.


Danish People’s Party polling at 18% ahead of Thursday’s national election, up from 12% in the 2011 election. Its opposition to immigration has made it a major force in Denmark and forced other parties to take a stronger stand on the issue.

“Radical nationalist party Jobbik soar[s]” in polls as it seeks a more mainstream image. President Viktor Orban of Hungary uses strong rhetoric against mass immigration to win back Right-wing voters. Leftists have begun tearing down or defacing anti-immigration billboards put up by Orban’s conservative party. The president suggested in recent days closing the border to halt the migrant influx. An estimated 50,000 migrants from the Middle East and Africa have entered Hungary this year, already more than all of the last 2 years combined.

The governor of the wealthy northern region of Lombardy wrote to local officials telling them not to accept immigrants sent from other regions of Italy. The governor is a member of the Northern League, a surging nationalist party which has stepped up its anti-immigration campaign. France and Austria have tightened border controls in recent days, bottling thousands of African immigrants in Italian transit centers as they seek to enter northern Europe.

Twenty-four years of center-right rule in Madrid, capital of Spain, has ended with Left-wing, anti-austerity parties now sweeping the country.

Two top officials in the Swiss People’s Party are appealing a conviction for racial discrimination, a crime in Switzerland, over their anti-immigration campaign.

Check out these “contentious” anti-immigration posters by patriotic parties in Europe.

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