Kudos to Coulter

Anne Coulter’s new book will doubtlessly raise some eyebrows, enrage Leftists and hopefully get a few more people thinking about our long-term survival in an emerging Third World USA. Her new book entitled Adios, America: The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole is at number 2 on The New York Times best seller list.

Though she is not really one of us (but ideologically she is sounding better and better) she is the strongest and most honest voice in the US mainstream since Pat Buchanan was marginalized by the Establishment. Coulter has the courage to not only oppose legal Third World immigration, she also makes the case that Republicans should favor their base and go after the White vote rather than bend over backwards trying to get a slightly higher percentage of the non-White vote. This is certainly deserving of our praise.



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  1. Sir, too many, with a Southern Nationalist state of mind, are in the habit of looking at others with a long check-sheet; and, if every line does not balance out satisfactorily, an X – for dubious – is painted over their effigy. And if, God forbid, two or three (out of 30 or 40 categories) don’t line up, then a double XX is painted across them and they as seen as some sort of some eternally untrustable pariah, with whom the only possible policy is complete separation.

    What separates you, Sir, from others, it seems to me, is that, more and more, without ceding your central issues of identity, you make a concerted effort to place a check and NOT Xs, over the mental icon of someone, who happens into your view.

    Sir, you are evolving towards a policy of inclusiveness that, while some will hastily light a burning cross and paste the words ‘rainbowism’ over your effigy – is not only traditionally Southern – it is the only way to build a future for ‘the Southern Idea’ beyond self-congratulatory periphereal advocation, raging impotently in succinct isolation.

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    • I suppose what I am really trying to say, in short is this, Sir : for too many people of our ilk, it is my assessment that the movement is sheerly an unconscious vehicle for them to express negativity; i.e. to develop a persona solely around rejecting what is, – that, in fact, it has no positive or constructive component, to it; of, if so, then very little.

      You seem to elude that.


      • Mr. Cushman, it does this Tarheel Confederate’s heart good to know that you appreciate my support, and it made my day to have received your blessings. May God continue to bless you, too, Sir.


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