A free South in a multi-polar world

This recent statement from Dr. Michael Hill of the League of the South concisely points to a better, more balanced world which could emerge. This is a positive vision of the future and one which would appeal not only to many Southerners, but also to many millions – perhaps billions – of people around the globe.



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      • I trade at a store not far from the Red River. I see people from Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas and Louisiana there. I also see cattlemen in from Mississippi and Alabama to do businesses at the local sale barn. But for the plates on their vehicles, there is little difference, culturally, between us. It’s just a matter of reminding the Southern People of who they were and are. I’ve met no resistance to the idea of either Southern or Texas Nationalism. Idiological drum beating after the Northern fashion, won’t work. Southerners are mostly serious adults. Unlike our opponents, who seem to be less mature than many of the young folks I encounter around here. Seeing the Piney Woods, red dirt and black land prairie in between, swells my heart with joy. There’s a spirit here that can
        be tapped, that no mere abstract ideas can reach or conceive of. That’s our advantage over our loose coupled enemies.


        • ‘It’s just a matter of reminding the Southern People of who they were and are. I’ve met no resistance to the idea of either Southern or Texas Nationalism.’

          Mr. Owens – while I see what you see, here in my very rural area (Northeastern North Carolina) the cities are NOT this way. They will never ‘just see’, if they are ‘just reminded’. No, Sir : they live in a very different world than you and I, and, as well, they have been long indoctrinated to resist ‘seeing’.

          Most of them, if they read your words would say one of these things …

          ‘Don Quixote, stop tilting at the windmills.’

          ‘If you don’t like our country, get out!’

          ‘The Confederacy died, Dude, long ago. Good riddance!’

          ‘Spare us your bigotry, your negativity, and stop spewing your hatred!’

          These are, in the politest terms I could share them with you, what I will hear from people who take deep umbrage at any hint of a Southern Nationalist exhortation.


  1. Mr. Daniel, I can travel down to Dallas and sit in any mall and listen with my eyes closed. It’s almost hard for me to believe I’m in Texas. I usually stop at Dickie’s BBQ Pit, just to remind me I’m still in Texas. However, there are still many Texans left in Dallas, and some are members of the TNM. The objections you list, I’ve heard. But only from Northern Transplants. And there are few of them out here in the Piney Woods. I never bring up politics around them, anyway. And somehow, I can always spot them before they even open their mouth’s. The fact that Wendy Davis was defeated by 62%, against Gregg Abbott for Governor, gives me hope. That 62% is what we got to work with.


    • Thank you for your thoughts, Mr. Owens. I’m glad that the thoughts listed you’ve only heard from Yankee transplants. Such is not the case in my state – not by a long shot. In my state, the are two states – one of the cities and the other not. The not, people like you and I (The Tea Party), presently controls the state – though the city, barely a minority, hates the not and the nots, to such an extent you would think it a war of the final solution magnitude – at least in their heads..

      My hope is that Texas can lead the way – because, I b’lieve, she still has enough gumption to do such a thing – although I have not been cheered by the busting up of secession meetings and nothing to be heard since.


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