A deplorable act

The US media is reporting that a White gunman has killed nine Black people at a church in Charleston, South Carolina. At this point we know very few details about the shooting though it is already being labeled a “hate crime”.

If the reported facts of the case are true (and we remain suspicious given the overt bias of the US media) then as a South Carolinian, a Christian and a Southern nationalist I condemn this awful act. It has surely caused great suffering for the families of the victims. It was an immoral and un-Christian act. And if it was a politically-motivated action then it will only serve to strengthen those forces aligned against Southerners in particular and Whites in general.

Traditionally, we have stood for a Christian and paternal order that benefits both races. This was advocated by historic Southern leaders such as George Fitzhugh, John C. Calhoun and Robert B. Rhett. There is no place in our worldview for a slaughter of peaceful, church-going people.

The bourgeois US Progressive order imposed upon the South today is indeed frustrating. The US media cares little for the vast number of racial crimes committed against us each year – in fact they studiously ignore most such attacks. However, we must look for positive ways to help our people, rebuild our communities and advance our traditional values in an increasingly hostile political and cultural environment.



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  1. It’s a sad event. However, I’m sure this tragic event will be used to beat White people over the head. I’m sure Hollywood is already at work on a movie script and I’m sure the Left is already drafting more gun control legislation in response to this. And of course who opposes this legislation will be guilty of the Left’s sins of racism and bigotry.

    One other observation concerning this event is that one of the victims,Clementa Pinckney, who was the pastor of the church, reportedly had campaigned for Hillary Clinton earlier in the day. As we all know, Hillary is an unabashed supporter of abortion, so called gay marriage, gay adoption, excluding Christianity from the public square, and feminism, all of which is against the Bible. This is another illustration of how identity trumps ideology and even religion. Hillary Clinton is as anti-Christian as they come and yet the late pastor Clementa Pinckney knowingly defied God to support a candidate that will benefit the well being of her people.


  2. Just as I renounce those who stand against our beloved South, I renounce all those blackguards and apostles of the devil who would advance her aims through such heinous crimes as this. My prayers are with that negro church. I wish I could bring them some covered dishes, and pray with them for their departed loved ones.


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