SPLC attacks pro-Southern policemen

An influential far-Left organization gloated on its website this week about a successful attack on the livelihood and reputation of two pro-Southern police officers in Alabama. The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is notorious for such character assassinations in advancing its political agenda. The group has been condemned by more respectable liberal groups for fundraising tens of millions of dollars through the use of scare-mongering tactics by broadly labeling anyone on the Right a “hate group”.

In this case the SPLC went after Lt. Josh Doggrell and an associate. I have met Lt. Doggrell several times and know him to be a clean cut, polite, well-educated family man and Christian. Doggrell is the personification of the type of upstanding and civicaly-engaged citizens we need more of in our society. He is being targeted, as the SPLC admits, solely on the basis of his political beliefs.

The author of the SPLC’s first attack piece against Lt. Doggrell is Keegan Hankes, a young Left-wing activist from Chicago with an unsavory background. Hankes attended a Southern nationalist protest against a corrupt, pro-amnesty Republican mayor of a small town in southern Georgia a couple of years ago. Hankes lied about his identity to League of the South members and claimed that he supported the group’s ideas. While at the demonstration Hankes used racial slurs and tried to start a conflict with a few Black children quietly watching the event. His efforts were diffused by League members but Hankes later attributed his own hateful comments to the Southern nationalists in a hit-piece he authored on the SPLC’s website. While the League made positive relations with the local police chief and members of the city government (indeed, a couple of Black members of government attended the event) Hanke’s organization lobbied to deny the League a permit for the demonstration. In the process it waged a character assassination campaign against the police chief and lied about League members, claiming they were a violent threat to the community.

As many Southerners have learned, the SPLC is willing to use any underhanded or immoral means to advance its far-Left agenda. Its recent attack on the two Alabama policemen is a fine example of this.

UPDATE: Sadly, Lt. Doggrell is being fired for his pro-Southern politics. As a result of the SPLC’s efforts a fine Christian family will suffer. But the SPLC will be able to fear monger to its Left-wing supports about a “rising tide of hate” which they are fighting. This is what the SPLC is all about – hurting people while raising money.



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  1. As many Southerners have learned, the SPLC is willing to use any underhanded or immoral means to advance its far-Left agenda.

    This is a common trait amongst all Leftist organizations. To the Left almost invariably, the ends justify the means. The mistake people on the Right make is engaging the Left with the expectation that they will convince the opposition and the general public that they are right. The Left does not operate by the same rules. To the Left, the ends justify the means and all methods at their disposal, including personal destruction, will be used to further their political agenda.

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      • Thanks Michael,

        I’m glad to see that you are in good spirit and health. I have enjoyed your writing since the good ol’ SLMNews days and I look forward to continue reading your blog posts.

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  2. Taking Professor Dugin’s theories into account, Progressives are a relic of the past. They’re under attack in Western Europe and have been since the fall of the Berlin Wall. The rest of the World never believed in them in the first place. At home, Northern rule is also a relic of the past. People like Hilary Clinton and John Kerry are out of place in a multi-polar world that no longer recognises their authority, if it ever did at all. Similarly, outfits like the SPLC and anti-white whites are out dated as racial, cultural and national exclusivity become more dominant in politics.

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  3. Well, so you have not only artists and professionals moving to your support, but, lawmen, too. I am so very proud of them for their courage, and for their departments for defending their right to be true Southerners.

    Reading this article, and seeing the officer speak (at the SPLC link) Sir – has put a non LGBT twinkle in my step:)


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