Repeated condemnation

As soon as I learned of the tragic event in Charleston, South Carolina last night I issued a statement of condemnation. At that point we knew little about the murders. We have since learned that the attacker spent time with his victims as they studied the Bible. They apparently prayed together before the young White man began shooting them. These were not Black Panther activists or gang banger thugs. They were peaceful people studying the Word of God.

Predictably, far-Left, anti-White activists such as Ta-Neshi Coates at The Atlantic has used the massacre to call for the removal of the Confederate flag from the State House grounds in Columbia. This is probably just the tip of the spear. The fallout from the Charleston massacre will likely be far more politically and culturally devastating than any of us now realize.

Let us repeat our condemnation of the massacre. That is not what we are about. It is not who we are. We condemn it and pray for the family of the victims and for the City of Charleston.



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  1. No matter how many times we condemn these attacks we will always be guilty of all the Left’s -isms. Don’t ever expect for the Left to be fair, truthful, or reasonable. They hate us and they seek our destruction. They will take this one isolated incident and use it to convict us all. We need to get off the defensive and get on offense. I think the guys over at Alt Right has had the best response to this tragedy. They distanced themselves from the guy without apologizing for themselves. And they did so in a manner that mocks our enemies.


  2. The media have already defined
    this as a North Vs. South issue, in so many words. They did this even with the West, Texas fertiliser plant eexplosion. These people demand sympathy for various tragedies in their own region, but they’ll never allow Southerners to grieve over
    theirs withoyt


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