SF’s response to Charleston massacre noted

German-language coverage today of the Charleston massacre noted our denunciation of the attack, quoting from and linking to SF. This resulted in a lot of visits to our site from Switzerland, Germany and other parts of Europe.

Some have asked how we should respond to awful events like this which have the potential to harm us politically and culturally. This is part of the answer. We must be clear in denouncing such immoral and un-Christian acts while remaining true to our principles. I believe that SF did this. Even if the coverage we get is hostile (and the German article was definitely hostile), we want the public to know that our movement denounces this awful action.

This was the first real test of our new website and I believe we have contributed positively to the Southern cause.

Thank you to our readers and especially those who commented on the attacks and supported our denunciation of it.

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  1. Sir, you did the right thing. Don’t let it die, but, return to it, in different ways. I hope that all Southern Nationalists, and all those sympathetick thereto, will distance themselves, both online and off, in body & soul, from those people who have, express, or embody murderous and dehumanizing ideas. There is nothing Southern, nor ought there ever be, about the draconian, ruthlessly exploitive, and misanthropick ways Stalin’s Russia, Mao Tes Tung’s China, or Hitler’s 3rd Reich treated human beings – either their own or those they regarded as ‘enemies’.

    Although, sadly, there are, and always will be, aberrations, as this recent mass murder illustrates, our culture ought continue to stand for hospitality, chivalry, and respectful ways.


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