SC GOP leaders retreating on Confederate flag

The initial fallout from the recent massacre in Charleston, South Carolina is an all-out attack on the Confederate flag which flies at a Southern veterans’ memorial in front of the State House in Columbia. US Senator Lindsey Graham, who frequently disappoints Right-wing voters with his liberal tendencies and support for amnesty for millions of illegal Hispanic immigrants, appears to now support removing the battle flag. Governor Nikki Haley, a pro-business Republican, also appears to be retreating on the issue. The organized Black community in the Palmetto State is pushing along with the US media to remove the Southern symbol.

The decision on the part of Southern groups to defend the flag as a symbol of heritage (under the defensive slogan “heritage not hate”) or history¬†rather than the primary cultural and national symbol of the Southern nation of people has made it much harder to resist calls from anti-Southern elements for its banishment to a museum. Whereas in 1950 it was seen by both Southern liberals and conservatives as a cultural icon of the living South and was a mainstream symbol frequently used by Southern politicians, it has since been mostly relegated to a heritage symbol of a lost war from the past.



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    • No. Not in the present system. It will go the way of the old SA flag. It will be taken down everywhere – and often with GOP support.


      • I’m sorry you feel this way, Sir – because that makes two of us.

        30, even 20 years ago, Sir, in my Eastern North Carolina, it was very common to see two-flagged lawns, out in the countryside. Today that is much much less so, though, when it does remain – the other flag is NOT the Confederate Naval Jack, which we are all accustomed to see, but either the earliest battle-flag of 7 stars, or, more commonly, the state flag of North Carolina.


    • I blame conservatives. Spineless, gutless, “pro-business” (in other words bourgeois & progressive) “respectable” conservatives. Give me an actual Stalinist over the likes of them.

      Really though, it was inevitable in the US system given the free flow of goods, labor and money. Progress inevitably destroys all in such a system.

      And the USA, born as a Progressive experiment, has no real Right. Once the plantation South was destroyed, any real Right with pre-Modern influences was doomed.


    • Interesting, Mr. Owen. I imagine this difference is largely, if not entirely, due to refusing take accept Jesus Christ as their Lord & Savior, as so many of us, down here, do and have done.

      I’m sorry for people in the blue states, for, though I wish we were not in a union with them, I do wish them well in their lives..


  1. Sir, I thank you for your thoughts. Funny, but as many of your interviews with Dr. Hill, your many articles, and various-n-sundry speeches, I was not quite sure what you would choose.

    Your reply hearkens me back to the video you made a couple of years back on ‘Conservatives and the GOP’

    I thank you for your thoughts. It’s a pleasure to talk with you, after admiring you for long, from afar.


  2. Sir, as I read about y’all’s governor, today, I was able to avoid being both simultaneously dismayed and surprised, because of what you had said, here, yesterday.

    Not following y’all’s politicks, right below my state, I have to say that I am amazed, Sir, that y’all, being as I have long known y’all to be, elected such a governor…


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