Nationalist update June 22, 2015

Golden Circle

US media campaigns against Confederate flag at South Carolina capital in Columbia, urges Republican Party to lead fight against Southern symbol. Calls it a flag of “treason”.

Former Texas Governor and Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry says SC Confederate flag “divides people“.

Former Massachusetts governor and GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney echoes NAACP demand that SC Confederate flag be removed.

Texas US Senator and Republican presidential nominee Ted Cruz denounces “racism” and returns donation from head of Council of Conservative Citizens.

Confederate monument in Charleston, South Carolina vandalized.

Call for Black solidarity against Whites in the South and the former plantation colonies of Central and South America.


Danish People’s Party gain 21% of vote in national election. Anti-immigration, EU-skeptic party now second largest in Denmark.

Pro-business, bourgeois media blame rise of nationalist, anti-immigration parties in Europe on “ignorance”.

Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders lead new Right-wing, anti-immigration bloc in EU parliament, increasing their resources and power.

An estimated three hundred thousand to a million people rally in Rome, Italy against gay marriage.

Thousands protest immigration in Slovakia and efforts by EU to send African migrants in Greece and Italy throughout Europe.

Sweden Democrats now at 20% in the polls. Anti-immigration party growing quickly in Sweden.



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  1. According to the press, 300K to 1M people participated in a hate rally in Italy. It’s sad that nowhere in the U.S. is it thinkable that 1/10th of that many people would turn up for a rally.

    BTW, should it be 2025 or 2015?

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    • The U.S. is completely out of step with reality and the rest of the World. Progressivism has been under attack in Europe since the Berlin wall came down. The rest of the World never knew it even existed in the first place. U.S. Lefties are the laughingstock of the whole World, to the extent that people even bother to pay them any mind.


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