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  1. I’m curious to see how much aide Russia is going to be. The bit about giving the Southwest over to Mexico isn’t good and in addition to it not being something I want could end up creating a lot of pressure from Mexico towards my home, warfare and just general conflict. I like being able to go West and be in territory that speaks English has a culture that (until you get to California) while being different we can interact with and is in general friendly towards Texans and is not 3rd world. Any effort to help get our State free as soon as possible is appreciated but this whole giving the Southwest back to Mexico I don’t like, at all. That will be very bad for us if it happens. What we need is a Republic formed from the existing States out there. New Mexico is gone being on the order of 70% Mestizo but Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, and Utah (which I can’t see joining a confederation or union but you never know) can all do it, which would provide a nice buffer between us and Mexico with them getting New Mexico but it being surrounded on 3 sides by foreign territory.


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