The post-flag South

I began a post describing what has been lost over the last few days in the wake of the Charleston massacre, from major stores banning Confederate merchandise to our monuments vandalized to the all-out attack on the Confederate flag by the Republican Party. But there is just too much to document here.

The Confederate flag, which was already not very visible in much of the South anyhow, will now be a lot less visible. Any display of it will be subject to attack and in the end will probably come down (including the State flag of Mississippi). What’s next? Surely our monuments – even the most important of them to us. That is what has been lost. We are seeing the emergence of a post-flag South.

Beyond just the flag, the Confederate heritage movement (which has been slowly losing one battle after another for more than two decades) has been wiped off the field. In its defense there have been (and will continue to be) too many attacks by American forces across such a wide front in just a few days to effectively mount any resistance.

This is not to be pessimistic but to face the emerging reality wide-eyed. Already most Southerners in suburbia and urban centers have no strong emotional connection to Confederate heritage. Our youth of today will have even less of a connection.

And if the reaction to the shooting in Charleston isn’t quite enough to sweep away all Confederate heritage then surely the next such event will. And can there be any doubt that there will be a next one? We are facing an all-out war by America on our identity, culture and even our demographic survival. We are attacked in the streets. Our women are raped or coerced and guilted into accepting the advances of thugs. We are mocked in the media. Our patriotism is abused. America offers nothing positive to us. This will surely provoke a small number of people who are pre-disposed to violent crime.

How then are we to face the future as Southern nationalists in a post-flag, post-heritage era? Clearly, it means that being pro-Southern can’t be about “save the flag” – because there will be few, if any, to save. It seems to me that as conditions continue to worsen in Dixie our struggle will focus more directly on our biological and identitarian survival.

America has been swift and brutal in its war upon us. We must be adaptive and shrewd in facing the future. We must appeal to a broad range of our people as they are, inspiring and leading them.

SF will do its part in helping to shape the Southern movement of tomorrow.



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  1. A difficult position at best. On a positive note, Southern culture still survives outside of the big cities and even some places inside them. Other than scalawag pols, there are too many folks who see Northerners as their fellow countrymen. That’s the other big problem. Northerners are not nice people. Given that the petroleum industry is dominated by Southerners, mainly Texans and Okies, the anti-Fracing crowd in the Pennsylvania gas fields have no problem seeing the drilling boom as a Southern cultural invasion, as well as an environmental issue, and mention it as often in their videos as they do environmental concerns. The Southern people are in a fight, unarmed, against a people who do not regard them as “fellow countrymen”, much less Human beings, and they don’t even know it.

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  2. This morning the Louisiana NAACP issued a request to the LA Dept of Motor Vehicles & the office of Gov. Jindall to discontinue & recall all existing SCV commemorative license plates. Aside from being another foolish attempt at prohibition, it is also guilt by association, and should be rejected out of hand on that basis.


  3. I am in a way glad that the GOP are now starting to denounce and remove Southern symbols because I truly believe the more they do so, the more they will begin to alienate white Southerners, their major voting base. I hope then that this will give white Southerners the chance to see the Republicans for the traitorous scum they are.

    Besides the Yankee Empire, the GOP is the biggest abstraction to the South than anything else. Before we free ourselves the Washington D.C., we must first free the South from the GOP’s grasp. For what good would it do if the South were to free itself only to still be run by neo-cons, and low-church Israel-firster evangelicals?

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    • Both the Democratic and Republican parties must be destroyed in the South. Every governor’s seat, every state legislature and evey last county and municipality, must be ruled by a Southern Nationalist Party. Whatever form it may take.


    • I agree, SCOTUS is hurredly deciding on these cases because the judges are nearly at their term limits. is completely sold out of merchandise for a full week, already, as I type this. I’ve been going there for 6 years and I’ve never seen that. The US is becoming as alien to our people as it was in 1860. As was stated the Republicans are bearing their true fangs which our people have not seen in a great many years. They have always been the party of the Northern Corporate Elite. With the attempted flag ban and gay marriage you can just feel defiance and secession in the air.


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