Republicans return to roots with anti-Southern push

The Republican Party’s response to the shooting of nine people at a Black church in South Carolina has been to return to its Progressive roots. Founded as a Northern liberal party in the 1850s, the GOP pushed an anti-Southern campaign which alienated the South and brought about secession in 1860-61. The party then led the war effort against the Confederate States and set up a military government which ruled over the defeated Confederacy. That government, much like the US government of today with its support for gay marriage and amnesty for illegal immigrants, forced a liberal agenda upon the South and simultaneously disenfranchised Right-wing Southern voters.

In the 1960s and 70s the Republicans changed course, embracing conservative positions designed to appeal to the concerns of White voters in the South after Federally-mandated racial integration and empowerment of the Black vote. This became known as the Southern Strategy and eventually turned the once solidly-Democratic South Republican.

Since the Charleston massacre the Republicans have adopted what might be described as the Anti-Southern Strategy, turning their backs on Southern Whites in an effort to appease the demands of Black protesters, the US media and liberals outside of the South. The pro-business Republican governor of Alabama, Robert Bentley, has ordered the removal of Confederate flags from a memorial to Southern soldiers at the State capital building. In Kentucky, Republican US Senator Mitch McConnell has called for the removal of a statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis, a Kentucky native and staunch conservative. This follows a charge led by South Carolina’s Republican governor Nikki Haley and two Republican US Senators Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott to remove a Confederate flag from a memorial at the State House in Columbia. In Mississippi, Republican leaders are now pushing to change the State’s voter-approved flag to remove the Southern Cross. 

This move to the Left and re-adoption of a strongly anti-Southern stance by the Republicans comes at a time in which US open borders policies are changing the demographics of many Southern States, shrinking the proportional size of the GOP’s base of White Southern conservatives. As well, recent elections have seen a reduction in White turnout, threatening the prospects of Republicans. Will the party’s recent charge against Southern heritage and historic icons hurt it at the polls? Will the move to appease Black and Left-wing protesters hurt the party? If just a small percentage of White voters across the South stayed home on election day the party could lose big. The GOP is playing with fire in Dixie. Will it get burned?

Note: In Europe the recent rise of patriotic parties opposed to mass immigration and loss of national sovereignty has forced bourgeois parties of the center-Left and center-Right to take a more nationalist stance on pressing issues. In the US two-party winner-take-all system both parties  use rhetoric to motivate their bases of support and then move to the Progressive democratic center to win over the masses. In this system there is no check on the GOP’s drift to the center-Left. And the South as a distinctive region lacks a nationalist party like many distinctive regions enjoy in European countries such as the UK, Italy and Spain.



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  1. The North has a tremendous advantage in propaganda. They not only control and define the debate. They define the Southern people and nation as well. They do it for the Southern people, before they can even speak on their own behalf. As a result, Southrons are unable to fight back effectively, simply because they’ve been convinced that Northerners are their “fellow countrymen”, an absurd proposition no one north of the Ohio river seriously believes, and that they must gain the approval of such hostile foreigners. An impossible task. Therefore, the North must be defined, clearly for the Southern people., so that they may be able to fight back. Unfortunately, the gentleman at the South Carolina flag shop offered the only effective defense, in the form of rude gestures and language.

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    • Mr. Owen : as usual, you are spot on. Our people are, at present, impenetrably conditioned against their own interests, and, many more, generally apathetick and resigned – as my wife says, ‘Junius, they don’t give a rat’s ass. Just let me get home to my bourbon and satellite dish, is what they think and act out.’

      I speak our principles (basically the principles Mr Cushman has outlined for years) and it fall on polite, though, largely deaf ears.

      People do NOT wish to acknowledge that the ‘American idea’ has been killt by the very government that claims to represent it.

      I understand how they feel. I loved the American ideal, and once served enthusiastically to protect us from the Soviet threat – only to find that we have become a lot of what we once correctly feared. It’s a terrible thing to see what has crept up upon us.

      I also understand, as well, that it is a terrible thing that we refuse to acknowledge what is patently obvious – that the government is systemically unconstitutional, and not only NOT for the Southern man’s interest, but, not even for the Northern man’s – even though, we all feel, here, that it is, fundamentally, their government.

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      • Some people, a minority, actually ask me : but, what can we do?

        I tell them, Mr Cushman : follow Our Lord’s example, and, without hurting anyone, refuse to identify yourself with what plainly no longer exists, to refuse to support parties that have a history of betraying us, and to speak to their families about doing the same.

        It never fails, Sir : this brings on a great silence – almost as if the gulf, into which I’ve invited them to peer, is just somehow, too great to even be contemplated.

        Actually, though I am an author of Southern Gothick – I feel as if I am living in a worse nightmare than anything I can cook up – and that is, to be awake to a real threat, (to a whole huge community of people – our entire culture) and to be surrounded by sleepwalkers.

        Again, Sir, I understand how others feel, when I talk to them, because, I have gone through a great and long grieving period of the direction of this society and the Washington government.

        In the end, though, I come back to the only thing left to me : I was once a North Carolinian, A Southerner, and an American; but, with the American idea no longer alive, I still am a North Carolinian and a Southerner – and, if they fail, too – then I will retreat to my identity being solely the old rural county in which I live.

        I will contract, as much as reality dictates.

        Sir, I will never resort to violence, sabotage, or subterfuge, but, I will never pretend to be a part of what is either non-existent, and or against North Carolina – my home.

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  2. Sir, I read your articles, and, from every angle, I keep coming back to the same point. The first thing that has to begin to occur, is for mainstream Southerners to begin to peacefully secede from the two parties.

    I cannot connect the dots any other way – and, in light of the various comments Mr. Owen has given, I would say that the last week’s events, so revolting and hurtful to us, is the seed of a new beginning; that, in fact, the Republican party is planting the seeds of it’s own marginalization in our land.

    Really, I have been digesting this, much as y’all have; and, amidst all the darkness, there is this light. Many rural and small town Southerners, though we are not out in the streets – are being spiritually stabbed by these events in a deeply offensive way which, I rather doubt, can ever be bribed or distracted away.

    The Republican Party, in just the last few days, has done more to demonstrate your central thesis concerning them, than (please forgive me) you could have done with 3,000 years of carefully reasoned arguments.

    I hope you can see this – that in our wretched nadir, is the beginning of our beginning.

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  3. I really don’t think it’s a wise idea for the GOP to go attacking the South on so many issues at such a time on such an issue, they under estimate the passion the South has for it’s heritage, it was unfortunate the issue came about the way it did but the way it is being handled is obscene. Digging up the dead, removing war memorials, it has to stop.


  4. Sir, you can buy and or order it through your local Barnes & Noble. But, should you prefer to acquire it online, then, here are your links. Although I do not feel so for many of those who inquire, I do think this book will bring you, and other literate Southern Nationalists, great joy. Don’t be fooled by the publicity ; the work is mine, and, to a certain extent, reflects a lot of what I have absorbed from spending time online with you, Brad Griffin, and Doctor Hill. Good luck.


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