The Southern movement: Growing up, getting better

I was embarrassed for my friends in the Council of Conservative Citizens (CofCC) last night. This had nothing to do with the US media attacks of late for the group’s work in raising awareness about the epidemic of Black-on-White crime. Indeed, the Council has done excellent work in providing the public with information on a pressing issue. The CofCC’s efforts have even prompted our enemies on the far-Left to discuss anti-White violence. For decades the Council under the late Gordon Baum‘s leadership did important work defending Southern heritage, opposing Third World immigration and advancing Christian values.

It was the stupid and morally-repugnant comments posted online by CofCC President Earl P. Holt III which caused my embarrassment for the group and the wider pro-South movement. Unsurprisingly, the Southern Poverty Law Center gleefully jumped at the golden opportunity to condemn the entire group. A lot of good people were made to look bad. A worthy cause was defamed. And a group with a history of doing important work was harmed by Mr. Holt’s violent rant.

Sadly, the CofCC is not alone in suffering setback due to something like this. We have seen the same from individuals in many groups, including those in Southern nationalist circles (especially on Facebook). Such language has hampered our growth and harmed our cause. It has negated the sacrifice and work of many good people dedicated to improving society.

The mainstream of US society is decidedly bourgeois and Progressive. It affords no representation for those who dissent from its degenerate values and policies. Indeed, Christian, traditionalist or pro-Southern voices of dissent are labeled “hate groups” by quasi-governmental, far-Left groups such as the SPLC and aggressively attacked. In such a hostile climate it is unsurprising that many of us, at times feeling helpless to change things, use the Internet to vent. This release wastes our time and saps our energy in the real world. More importantly, it turns off potential supporters and marginalizes our cause. We routinely damage ourselves in this manner without any effort on the part of our enemies. All they have to do is quote us and they win. We lose. Again and again.

European nationalists are decades ahead of us in large part because of their participation in the political process. The primary value of this is not the few dissenting votes patriots are given in government, but the way in which the experience pushes nationalists to improve their image and communication skills, polish their presentation and learn to appeal to a large segment of society rather than simply preaching to the choir. This is why nationalists are on the verge of taking power in many countries which are just as bourgeois and politically-correct as the USA.

The successful Southern movement of the future must carefully choose its spokesmen and rhetoric. It must polish its image and presentation until they shine brightly. It must try to appeal to a large part of the Southern public. It must denounce violent and morally-repulsive language and actions without compromising its core principles. And it must convey its desire for power to improve society. This is a theme on which SF will focus. It is time for the Southern movement to get serious about winning before we lose any more.



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  1. The simple fact is that the argument is with the Southern people. Not with anyone else. Time spent “winning” an argument with some inconsequential non-Southern”troll”, is time that could have been spent convincing fellow Southrons.


  2. Our people are a loving moral folk guided by justice. The left uses this knowledge as a huge advantage, a handicap to constantly hold over our folk as guilt; words such as “hate”, “supremacist” or “racist” are more powerful than an 105mm Howitzer in terms of propaganda via media control. Individuals within the Southern Nationalist movement are human and like others who are aware and/or notice the inconsistencies do get frustrated so it’s not always easy. However, one can’t remind them too numerous times of the importance to maintain the moral high ground.


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