Resistance in Dixie

There was spontaneous grassroots opposition this weekend to the USA’s #WarOnTheSouth. Pro-Confederate flag rallies were held at Southern State capitals  where Republican leaders rushed to meet the demands of the US media and anti-Southern demonstrators. Pro-Southern activists converged upon Tampa, Florida with a pro-flag ride. In Gastonia, North Carolina the Sons of Confederate Veterans organized a flag rally. Confederate flags are a hot items at stores in rural South Carolina, according to The Washing Post. Many people in the Lindsey Graham’s home area in the Upcountry of South Carolina are upset with his betrayal on the flag issue. Stores in the USA will make (and can legally be forced to make) gay wedding cakes or Islamic cakes, but Wal-Mart will not make a Confederate cake. In Smyrna, Tennessee Southerners protested Wal-Mart’s removal of Confederate items from its stores. And a large #SouthernLivesMatter demonstration in support of the flag was held in Montgomery, Alabama, home of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). The SPLC is a powerful far-Left, anti-Southern lobby which has banked a quarter of a billion dollars in its politically-correct crusade as part of the #WarOnTheSouth.

Without any popular leader to head the grassroots Southern movement and with no politicians willing to embrace it, the question about its viability surfaces. Is this a momentary reaction from disenfranchised rural Southerners with little influence even in Dixie? Or is this the start of something bigger?

Perhaps if more Southerners heard the stirring words of young Southern nationalist William Flowers a real movement of the future could be formed.



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