Observing local Southern resistance

Occidental Dissent has emerged as the leading authority documenting and encouraging Southern grassroots resistance to the Republican-led American #WarOnTheSouth. Like many SF readers, I have seen signs of this resistance, though no rallies have been staged in the local area.

Yesterday, while inflating tubes and readying supplies for a day on the river with friends and acquaintances a truck pulled into the packed parking lot. It was full of young people and a large Confederate flag flew on a pole in its bed. I also observed an acquaintance wearing a Simply Southern T-shirt, though I do not know if this was meant as an act of resistance. Pro-Southern T-shirts are thankfully ubiquitous, especially in rural areas.

Today, while at the post office two women, one old and the other middle aged, asked the friendly Black clerk for “Confederate” stamps. I wasn’t able to see which stamps they bought but they appeared satisfied with the choice.

These two very different experiences point to what is hopefully a re-awakening of Southern identity and opposition to Americanism.

SF readers, what signs of local awakening have you witnessed?



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  1. Long before Charleston, I’ve been seeing First Nationals, VBFs and Lone Star flags out and about at various places. There seem to be more all the time. Even more places with only a Texas flag and no Fed flag. The store I trade at, close to the Red River, still has its Confederate/Southern items in stock. I bought a Texas state shaped Confederate flag sticker there when I picked up some ham biscuits for breakfast for me an Mrs. Owen. That’s a Saturday morning ritual for us. They have left us alone since the transplant boy was publicly jeered for proposing to the Texas State house that all our Confederate memorials and symbols be removed. There are plans for a huge memorial in central East Texas, that will feature all the flags of each Confederste state, plus Texas regimental flags and the wartime Texas flag. There are 2000 other memorials planned or already errected in the past few years. There is little to no opposition. Northern Leftists have not had much luck.

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