The essence & symbolism of Americanism

American pride is so gay

The New York Post ran an interesting op-ed by Robert George titled “The Confederate Flag and Hamilton: Getting the Nation’s Symbols Right.” George’s opinion piece is interesting not because of its attack on Southern symbols, heritage and identity – that is to be expected from the US media – but for the way in which George manages to present a nearly complete picture of symbolic Americanism and its values, contrasted to Southernism (a term used by 19th century Southern leader Robert Barnwell Rhett, and one which we shall hence forth use on SF).

George attacks the Southern Cross under which Christian warriors such as General Robert E. Lee and Episcopal Bishop / General Leonidas Polk fought for self-determination and traditionalist principles as “a divisive symbol” and “a banner of racism, slavery and terror”. He then goes on to oppose the move to replace Alexander Hamilton’s face on the $10 Federal Reserve Note, writing that “Alexander Hamilton is most responsible for much of the glue that binds this nation together — its financial system.” George praises Hamilton not only for his advocacy of paper notes and Federal debt to unite the States under Federal supremacy, but also for his Leftist, egalitarian impulses. He notes that “Hamilton was an abolitionist, whose best friend attempted to raise a regiment of slaves to fight in the Revolutionary War.” George argues that instead Southern icon Andrew Jackson, “one of the biggest slaveholders to ever enter the White House”, should be replaced by a woman who advanced the Leftist cause of Americanism. Jackson is also attacked for promoting the “relocation of Indians from tribal lands”, making room for White settler expansion in the South.

In this manner Robert George manages to sum up the values and symbolism of the America of gay marriage, open borders, equality and Progress. This America is anti-Southern, anti-traditional, anti-conservative, anti-White, anti-masculine and anti-Christian. George’s Americanism – the values promoted by the US government, US educational system and US media – is inherently hostile to our Southernism. There can be no reconciliation between these antithetical values and symbolism.

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