Republicans’ Left-wing record in 2015

The Republican Party, the “conservative” alternative to liberal Democrats in the unrepresentative US winner-take-all system, has moved strongly to the Left this year. The move leaves millions of voters, especially in the South, essentially disenfranchised with no political voice. 2015 could well be remembered as the year the GOP officially jettisoned God, family and tradition. It is the year US conservatives, out-fought and out-flanked, surrendered in the culture war. It is the year that US conservatives began to realize that Christianity has an American problem.

Occidental Dissent has done an excellent job of documenting the Republican’s Left-wing moves in 2015 on everything from Southern heritage to abortion, race, immigration and gay marriage. Let’s look at the GOP record in 2015.

  • Republican-dominated US Supreme Court upheld abortion, forcing it upon Texas.
  • Republicans embraced the trans-gender sexual cause.
  • Republicans advocated for gay marriage. Republican-dominated US Supreme Court forced gay marriage on all the States. Party leaders were relieved by pro-gay marriage ruling.
  • Republicans on the State and Federal level led the effort to yank down the Confederate flag, ban Confederate license plates and pull down Southern monuments.
  • Republicans advocated for open borders and amnesty, amnesty, amnesty for illegal immigrants.
  • Republicans advocated repealing the Second Amendment and abolishing gun rights.
  • Republicans promoted outsourcing US industrial jobs overseas.
  • The Republican-dominated US Supreme Court sided against Texas, making it easier for anti-White groups to prove housing “discrimination“.

The GOP’s record of betraying it heavily Southern, mostly White, Christian and conservative base is easily demonstrated. The party’s record speaks for itself. The GOP in 2015 is far more Leftist than the Democratic Party was in the 1990s.

Isn’t it time for a Southern party? Even if it could not initially win major offices due to the unrepresentative US system, a Southern party would still at least give Southerners a voice. It would give them a party they could be proud of supporting rather than wasting their votes on the alleged “lesser of two evils”. It would be a platform from which to raise Southern national consciousness. It would put some pressure from the Right on Republicans. And, perhaps most happily, it would punish the GOP for its Anti-Southern Strategy. In many areas of the South with large non-White or transplant populations a swing of just a few percentage points could mean defeat for the Republicans. Wouldn’t it be nice to see the Party of Lincoln (and Lindsey Graham and Jorge Bush) suffer defeat in Dixie?



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  1. The Republicans, being firstly and foremost above all, champions of Northernism, have twisted the Southern people’s natural patriotic sentiments into a weapon that is used against them and their natural interests.

    Northern transplants are more of a problem than Mexicans. They’re 30%+ of the population and unlike Mexicans, who never will be, they’re effictively organised. They’re the bulk of the Leftist protestors here in Dixie, and non-Whites and scalawags look to them for leadership and approval. Southern Republican and Democratic leaders especially, constantly seek the approval of Northerners and the North.


  2. These should be developed as talking points for SNs to use when talking with friends, family, church goers or for commenting online blogs.

    U.S. conservatives have been willing to work within the system because they believed America was still our country. Southern Conservatives need to understand that America is no longer our country. For example, the U.S. Constitution is no longer our, it is now their Constitution. The country belongs to the Left and we ain’t getting it back. The courts, media, acedemia, and big business are all against our well being and even existing. I wouldn’t push secession initially, but they need to have their mindset oriented around the new reality.

    Also, a picture is worth a thousand words. When most Southerners think of America they see this

    It needs to be seared in their minds that America now is this


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