Reconnecting with Cuba

The US government announced today that it was reopening an embassy in Cuba, a step towards normalizing relations with the Caribbean country. Cuba lies just 89 miles from Key West, Florida and was once seen by Southerners as the center of the Golden Circle, a neo-classical plantation-based civilization. The Golden Circle was an extremely wealthy civilization and Cuba’s sugar and coffee plantations produced valuable cash crops sold throughout the Western world. There were numerous efforts by Southerners and many Cuban leaders in the 1840s and 50s to bring the island into the Union as a Southern State, much like Texas, Louisiana and Florida – all of which were once Spanish or French colonies. The national flag of Cuba comes from this era and was flown by Southern filibusters who led an attempt to wrestle the colony from the liberal government of Spain.

Today’s move by Washington, DC is to be applauded as it will improve relations between neighbors and enable us to rebuild ties with another post-plantation culture with which we share much history.

Southern nationalists are presently active in the Cuban community in south Florida (and are defying anti-Southern hostility from US forces) and we hope to see these efforts greatly expanded on the mainland and on the island.



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  1. Wasn’t the attempt to bring in Cuba into the union as a Southern state an attempt at expanding American imperialism. Cuba was a colony of. Spain. And although there were some similarities between Cuba and the South, they did not share the same language, blood, religion (Louisiana not withstanding) as the South. An although Florida was a part of the South, was southetn Fl with its hot/humid climate densely populated?


    • US imperialists of the North prevented Cuba from joining the Union. They favored Western expansion. For the most part, only pro-Southern Northerners (generally Democrats) favored Southern expansion. The South, including Jeff Davis and Alexander Stephens, was strongly for it.

      Cuba is more White than several Southern States and it was a high church culture like the Lower South. And the Southern upper class tended to be multilingual anyhow.

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  2. During the War, the Department of the Trans Mississippi contracted with a company in Havana, Cuba to produce saltaire flags. Which were brought into Louisiana and Texas by blockade runner. Oddly enough, a mistake was made and the colours were reversed. The Southern Cross was red on a blue field. However, the flags were accepted and became the favourite flag of General Richard B. Taylor’s command, and are particularly associated with Texas, especially with the Texas 3rd Infantry Regiment. Not too long ago, some misinformed Leftists adopted this flag as the “anti-Confederate” flag, thinking it would offend Southerners. Also of note, blockade runners operated between Havana, New Orleans and Galveston. The later until the end of the war. Cuba was very pro-Southern and not too friendly to the North. Until the Cuban Revolution in 1958, the West India Fruit and Steamship Company operated railroad ferries between West Florida and Havana. They had their own fleet of refrigerated freight cars. For which, there are HO and N scale models.

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    • I will reply more fully to your post tomorrow but I am not pro-communist or a man of the Left in any way, shape or form. I hold to mostly pre-Modern or neo-classical values. But I would like to be able to travel to Cuba, to meet traditionalists there and to start a dialog with pro-Southern elements about the shared problems of post-plantation societies and how we might address them together. I also would say that despite Cuba’s economic system (which they have recently liberalized to some degree) and their dictatorship they still have a more traditional society than does the USA, ravaged as it is by 2 centuries of liberal experimentation and the destruction of nearly all social bonds. The same is true for Eastern Europe vs Western Europe. Stalin killed vast numbers of people and was an awful man, but the communist party of the USSR was more socially conservative than many Republicans today who embrace gay marriage, “transgender” equality and many other Modern forms of degradation. This is to say that Cuba’s isolation from the Modern world has probably left at least elements of its traditional society in tact – unlike in most of the USA. I would love to rebuild connections to those elements not destroyed by communism or Modernity.


  3. Any way you slice it, Cuba is of immense strategic importance for the U.S., or an independent South. In the 1880s to early 1900s, Argentina and Brasil were first class powers with modern, pre dreadnaught navies. Both had Caribbean aspirations and Cuban designs to go along with the ships. The building of the Great White Fleet wasn’t just an exercise in national chauvinism by the U.S. Argentina and Brasil eventually acquired a few dreadnoughts, and figured in nearly all U.S. strategic calculations into the 1920s concerning Cuba and Panama. Cuba is an immensely important economic and strategic asset for Dixie. Giving it up was a huge mistake for the U.S. The shield became a sword in Soviet hands. As an aside, during the WSI, Cuba became a transhipment point for blockade runners., especially on the Galveston route.

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  4. I was so excited to see you in the crowd the first day of our L.S. Conference (which was fantastic!); and intended
    to speak to you to tell you how much I’ve missed your old website. But, after lunch, I couldn’t find you. Where did
    you go?

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    • It was very good to see you too, Jean. I had to leave to take care of a personal matter. Would have liked to see you and the others longer but couldn’t.


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