Re: American Patriot on Cuba

Yesterday, Charles P. Adkins of American Patriot responded to an SF post applauding the recently announced move by the US government to re-open an embassy in Cuba. The American Patriot is a self-described paleo-conservative of Southern roots who lives near Detroit. He writes that I am “absolutely full of crap about Cuba.” Adkins’ main argument is that “Cuba is a Communist Nation, whose leader is known to imprison and kill people that dare to stand up and dissent his rule.”

I promised a reply to the American Patriot post. Here are a few points to consider:

  • I am not a man of the Left, or even of the Modern Right. My values are neo-classical. They do not come from the Enlightenment-inspired French or American revolutions. I am certainly no communist.
  • The USA has politically and economically isolated Cuba for decades. It hasn’t brought down the Castro regime. It has only solidified the regime’s hold on power.
  • Cuba has liberalized its economy a bit of late and shows signs that it wants to move away from at least some aspects of communism. As it does so it will become more like China, which has a communist party dictatorship but a state-capitalist economy.
  • Cuba never had a purely Marxist government anyhow because it has a national communism rather than an international communism. Its people are quite nationalistic. Whatever form of government follows Castro’s regime will likely be influenced by nationalism.
  • Because of its relative isolation and poverty Cuba has likely been less exposed to much of the degeneracy of Modernity and US/Western liberal values.
  • Cuba is a close neighbor and therefore its conditions affect us. If its population is treated terribly and impoverished that results in mass immigration to the South of impoverished people. It is in our interest to trade and have good relations with Cuba.
  • We in the South share a lot of history with Cuba and both are post-plantation cultures. I favor a certain degree of solidarity among the Western people of the post-plantation cultures. We face a lot of the same problems.
  • Most Modern governments persecute dissenters. The USA killed hundreds of thousands of my people and continues to oppress us and seek our demographic and cultural destruction. Lincoln, FDR, Bush, Obama and Castro were/are all men of the Left who are/were willing to oppress or kill dissenters. Instead of one party rule we have two party rule in which both parties have the same underlying values and agree on most policies. We are forced to deal with this awful system just as Cubans are forced to deal with their awful system.
  • Finally, I approach this issue from a Southern nationalist point of view. My over-riding concern is for the welfare of the Southern people.



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  1. perhaps my verbiage was a bit tensed I may have come from someone who really didn’t understand where you are coming from you have explained your point at a very adequately and very well so I shall link to this new posting I really don’t know if I could honestly trust Cuba until they prove themselves worthy of that trust I believe they should drop communism an outlaw the Communist Party in Cuba and that they should have a full capitalistic system down there I realize that doesn’t take that doesn’t happen overnight as it did not happen in the Soviet Union any way you explained yourself well and I shall link to the new posting I simply wanted to facilitate some further explanation and discussion on that and I thank you for addressing it.

    furthermore let me say something else about my political journey. I started out as a skeptical left of center; a Blue Dog Democrat, if you will, who was skeptical the Democratic Party.

    it was pretty obvious in 2007 at that party was headed way to the far left and as Ronald Reagan once famously said, “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party they left me” and I like to think of myself as an economic populist and Patrick J. Buchanan type conservative. someone who remembers America what it was like in the 1980s, when I grow up admiring Ronald Reagan and what he did for this country after the disastrous presidency of Jimmy Carter.

    anyhow that’s where I stand on politics and I don’t know if you could quite understand that or not. but I did grow up in church; first as a Baptist and then Pentecostal and then back to Baptist.

    my father worked for General Motors member of the UAW local 22 here in Detroit and I watched as the Democrat Party sold out the American worker Union and non-union with all of the free trade agreements that they passed in the nineties with Bill Clinton and continue to pass to this day this is why I went the way I did why I no longer vote for that party because quite frankly the Democratic Party doesn’t stand for the American worker or for Americans for that matter any longer.

    they simply see America through the end lens of the international community and see us is just another country and that my friend is why I don’t vote for them anymore

    I believe in an in the American Dream and in American exceptionalism and that America is the greatest place on earth it may not be perfect: but it beats any of those communist nations on earth.

    anyhow thank you for reading this and hopefully I didn’t get too long and rambling for you.

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  2. I believe that once Cuba is opened up, the Castro family won’t last long. Fidel is retired. His brother and other relatives run it now. As far as them being Communist, forget it. Cuba is just a classic banana republic. Like I stated before, Cuba is a tremendous economic and strategic asset. The Spanish used it to project power into the Gulf. Thus Havana’s role as a major fleet anchorage with its massive forts and castles. During the WSI, both the USN and CSN were active in Cuban waters. During the Spanish American war Cuba was the single most important acquisition. Far more so than even the Philippines. Cuba is the centre square on the Caribbean Chess board. In our hands, it’s a shield. In the Soviet’s hands, it was a sword. Keeping Chinese and other hostile, foreign influence out is of vital strategic importance.

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