#WarOnTheSouth escalates: Digging up graves

Encouraged by Republican leaders across the South (who favor eliminating Confederate flags and statues) and by the pro-business community (which has strongly opposed Southern heritage), Black Leftists and have escalated their demands. #BlackLivesMatter activists have been vandalizing Southern grave sites and monuments. Black leaders and Left-wing activists are now moving forward with plans to remove the General Nathan Bedford Forrest statue in Memphis and dig up Forrest’s grave. The Civil Rights movement led to Black Leftist rule of Memphis and White flight from a city formerly governed by Southern conservatives. Memphis has since become infamous for its culture of corruption. It is one of the ten most dangerous cities in the USA and has a failing school system. The attack on Southern heritage by the Black Leftist city government is a convenient distraction from the city’s continual downward slide.

The #WarOnTheSouth has extended to the classic TV show Dukes of Hazzard being pulled from syndication.

The Confederate flag was recently removed from a Southern war memorial at the Chattooga County Courthouse in Summerville, Georgia due to a complaint by the NAACP, a Black Leftist organization. In an online poll by the Chattooga Times Free Press 67% of respondents indicated they were not offended by the Confederate flag.

Birmingham, Alabama officials voted to begin removing Confederate monuments in the city. Birmingham was devastated by the Civil Rights movement which led to Black Leftist political control of the city once governed by Southern conservatives. Birmingham has since become an extremely violent and corrupt city with a failing educational system – an example of the broader failure of equality and democracy in the post-plantation South. The decline of the city under Black Leftist rule has led to massive White flight. It is now one of the ten most dangerous cities in the USA.

Southern resistance to the #WarOnTheSouth is growing as flag rallies are now being planned in towns and cities across Dixie. Get active today!



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  1. Michael, it’s great to see you have still continued on. My family and I have returned to SC. I have always respected you and looked up to you on your knowledge and activism. I look forward to your blog!


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