Celebrating Americanism?

Since it is the fourth of July weekend I thought it important to remind Southerners what the US holiday represents. As the flag of abortion, gay marriage and miscegenation is praised keep in mind what Russian geopolitical theorist Alexander Dugin writes in Eurasian Mission (Arktos, 2014):

What Americans call “progress” – the “democratization,” “development” and “civilizing” all the rest of the world is in fact a degradation, colonization, degeneration, degeneracy and paradoxically a peculiar form of liberal dictatorship. It is no exaggeration to say that the United States is a stronghold of militant liberalism, a visible embodiment and progenitor of all the evil that plagues humanity today, and a powerful mechanism that steadily leads humanity towards the final catastrophe. This is the empire of absolute evil.

That empire of absolute evil which killed hundreds of thousands of Southerners in the 1860s is no friend of our people and culture.



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  1. I think most Southerners only look on the 4th as a day off, a time to gather with family and friends for a well deserved bar-b-q, camping, horseshoes, most of all a chance to enjoy life for a moment as our ancestors might have done. They might have hung out their sad little red white and blue “stars and stripes” flag as an afterthought but with no real meaning. The high water mark of love for uncle slime was the day after 9/11 and it has been steady downhill from there. I have not seen as many u.s. flags here this year but for some reason there seems to be a lot of Confederate flags proudly on display. Hummmmmmm?


  2. Vicksburg fell on July 4th. For many years after, even into the 20th Century, Vickburgians refused to celebrate the Fourth of July. For most Folks it’s about food and firecrackers anyway.

    The neighbors across the field from me have fired up the smoker, and have already been lighting off fireworks for the past few days. But today, they put up their VBF. A few Cowpens flags are out, but mostly still Texas, First Nationals and VBFs. There are pro Confederate rallies planned for San Antonio, Kauffman, and Irving, Texas this Sunday.


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