Republicans Praise Nikki Haley for anti-Southern stand

South Carolina’s pro-business GOP governor Nikki Haley is being praised by her party’s leaders and considered for a vice presidential spot thanks to her recent efforts to tear down the Confederate battle flag. Haley spoke for Big Business interest groups in opposition to a symbol supported by a large majority of Southern Whites and conservatives. The South Carolina Chamber of Commerce and South Carolina Manufacturers Alliance both pressed Haley to side with the demands of Black Leftists in hauling down the Confederate flag. Southern graves and monuments across the South are now being vandalized by #BlackLivesMatter activists that Haley and the pro-business community sought to appease. The Republican-led #WarOnTheSouth rolls on.

There are rumblings of a Southern reaction as a series of small (and now larger) rallies are spontaneously erupting.



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        • Currently there is no Right-wing pro-Southern party so the GOP gets our people’s vote by default of being the lesser of two evils. In the 2014 governor’s race in SC the turnout was only 43%. Haley got just 55% of the vote. Independents and write ins got about 3%. Much of that was for the libertarian (1.24%). The Democrat got 41% running on a far-Left ticket. He was a terrible candidate. In other words, there was no pressure on the GOP from the right.

          I think we should run to the Right of the Republicans on a pro-Southern platform with serious candidates. Try to peel off 10% or more of their base plus independents. Kill the GOP. Punish them for their anti-Southern turn. And build up a pro-Southern movement.


  1. Sir, Thank you for your detailed reply. As a Tarheel, I was unaware of most of that. As to your plans ; I like them. They are concrete, realistick, productive, and law-abiding. I hope you are the head of your state’s SN movement – if not, can we borrow you, up here?


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