We are different than Republicans

Southern nationalists are not simply Southerners who are a bit more conservative than the leadership of the Republican Party. We hold to a fundamentally different worldview with important implications for foreign policy, immigration, race relations, education, the environment and numerous other aspects of government. Sadly, our subjugation as a people has led to efforts to paper over profound differences and subordinate the interests of the South to those of the GOP. SF seeks to reestablish the political tradition of the Golden Circle as a living and vibrant tradition. To that end the following list is presented detailing a few areas where we are different than the Republican Party. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, but rather a starting point of a conservation. On issues where there are traditionally differences of opinions within SN circles the language below is intentionally softer or more general than on areas where there is general agreement.

  • Our tradition was born in the South, not in the North.
  • We are rooted in neo-classical ideals, not in Modernity.
  • Our view of time and history is largely cyclical rather than linear. We reject the Whig or Progressive view of history, unlike Republicans.
  • We embrace hierarchy and natural elites rather than the Progressive notion of universal human equality.
  • Our tradition views democracy as being divisive and incompatible with civilization. We associate hierarchy and inequality with order, stability and civility.
  • We embrace paternalism as a central component of the South’s social conscience.
  • Traditional Christian values are integral to our worldview.
  • We believe the Southern people are a unique ethno-cultural body – a nation – who have generally been ill-served by the Union.
  • We see the South as the homeland of the Southern people and believe all others who live here do so as our guests.
  • We see the Southern people as a Western nation and we oppose the re-population of the South by non-Westerners.
  • We view the Caribbean and the former plantation colonies of the New World as being the proper primary focus of our foreign policy. We are more concerned with and impacted by the fate of our near neighbors – and especially the former plantation societies – than we are distant lands and conflicts.
  • We tend to favor independence from centralized banking and financial interests. We also tend to favor hard money over un-backed fiat currencies and are wary of large public debts.
  • We tend to favor local autonomy and States’ rights over consolidation and centralized rule.
  • We favor a multi-polar world.
  • We value conservation, natural beauty and oppose over-“development” of our land.
  • Our tradition rejects the concept of endless “growth”.



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  1. This is only tangential to the topic at hand. I’ve been reading articles at Huffington Post and NY Magazine. Mainly, I skip to the comments. Nearly all the comments are by Northerners, few, if any by Westerners, and rarely any by Southerners at all. In my estimate, the Northern people are possessed of an overwhelming sense of entitlement, that is only exceeded by their arrogance and vanity. They talk about the South as if it were their personal property, or a project to be fixed, or a foreign country. Never as and equal, constituent part of the United States®. They regard the Southern people as illiterate savages or small children in need of Northern parenting, to the extent they regard them at all. They blame Southerners for every problem in their society, even in places so far North as to almost quallify as being in Canada. Even a completely unrelated topic calls for at least one anti Southern remark. Furthermore,their remarks and comments are worthy of fifteen year old juvenile delinquents. Even those made by people well into middle age. Some of their comments, if made by a Southron, would merit a visit by the FBI, but for the double standards they enjoy. If one points these things out, they cry and scream that we’re “all one country.” Yet, they return to their malevolent stance just as quickly. It’s obvious that these people are not our fellow countrymen, but a hostile, foreign nation bent on our destruction. The real crime, in the eyes of Northerners, that the Southern people are guilty of, is neither secession nor slave holding, but having survived the


  2. Understanding and embracing inequality is seeing reality properly. People have to be conditioned and have continual reinforcement to fall behind and accept the fantasy that we are all equal. Equality equals death in nature.


  3. We value conservation, natural beauty and oppose over-“development” of our land.

    What objective measure does one define ‘over development’ and who will be in charge of deciding what is and what isn’t considered to be over development?


    • There is likely no objective way to measure this, AF. But when an entire coastline is destroyed with one hotel after another or all the rural areas of a county are destroyed with endless sprawl all the old swamps are drained, the live oaks cut down, the fields cut up… then surely “development” has been carried too far. Much of this is due to forced integration and the cycle of White flight. We can not have stable, multi-generational communities because of the “diversity” must be served. So, we must forever rebuild our cities and “good neighborhoods” a little further out.

      This is not a specific policy proposal but a value expressed by nearly all pro-Southern folks I have met or read. A value like this out to be incorporated into all levels of government and should permeate non-government institutions as well.

      Personally, in the present system I favor all the conservation we can get. It limits destruction. It limits the power of big business in an area. It limits the number of Indian-owned hotels which are built on the coast. It limits the areas which can be devoted to new Yankee retirement communities. It limits the space in which new big box stores can be built. It limits the reach of Americanism.



      • I fully understand your concerns. I think a lot of these problems can or will be addressed by your 12th bullet point concerning hard money. As you know, the US has a debt based monetary system and fractional reserve banking. Debt creation drives the US economy. The loose monetary policy system that’s the basis for the US economy for the last 30 years enables a lot of the sprawl, over development, and overall consumerist culture. The elimination of fractional reserve banking and switching to a hard money or value based currency would dry up a lot of the demand for credit and end many of the capital investments that causing the loss of good Southern land due to over development.

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  4. ‘In my estimate, the Northern people are possessed of an overwhelming sense of entitlement, that is only exceeded by their arrogance and vanity. ‘

    Mr. Owen, are you aware of this comment, (from memory) made in 1861, by Karl Marx? …

    ‘The American civil war is a war of tariffs, and about the Northern lust for sovereignty’…


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