Bigot at Boston College: Heather Cox Richardson

Heather Cox Richardson, professor of history at Boston College, teaches nineteenth-century American history at both the undergraduate and the graduate level. She has published numerous articles and books related to the Republican Party, Abraham Lincoln, the war against the South and the Reconstruction which followed. Her writings include The Greatest Nation of the Earth: Republican Economic Policies during the Civil War (1997) and To Make Men Free: A History of the Republican Party (2014).

Richardson has also written articles for, a San Francisco-based radical Left-wing Internet magazine that demonizes traditionalists, de-centralists, Whites and Southerners. Professor Richardson has authored multiple hate articles for the radical website which demonstrate her to be a bigot, or someone who is intolerant and hateful of those with different views. More troubling than her characterization of Republicans and conservatives as “stupid” is her overt hostility to Southerners as an ethno-cultural and historic population. This bias against people of another culture and with a different identity was evident in her recent article “White Southern hate, stripped bare for all to see.” Her radical partisan telling of history describes Southerners as a whole in an entirely negative light. For instance, Richardson writes that Southerners were “whites who cheated, attacked or murdered [Blacks]”. Professor Richardson excuses political violence against Southerners and Federal supremacy in the name of “equality”. Her revisionist historical narrative coupled with far-Left political activism well outside the mainstream reveal Richardson to be unfit to teach students of a Southern background or those with pro-Southern views. Her intolerance and extreme politics make it impossible for Professor Heather Cox Richardson to provide a classroom setting in which students of all backgrounds including Southerners can feel welcome and learn.

Professor Heather Cox Richardson Contact Information

Office Location: Stokes Hall, Room S335


Twitter: @HC_Richardson


Facebook: Heather Cox Richardson

Anti-Southern Anti-White Professor Heather Cox Richardson of Boston College



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  1. She is simply an instructor of Young Northerners in their state religion, which is narcissism, and in their state ideology, which is simply Anti-Southernism and radicalism.

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  2. As usual, Mr. Owen nails it! Really, Mr. Cushman – she does not offend me. what offends me is how any Southern parents would send their children to schools like this – north or south. Sir, I don’t know if you know – but, most academick insititutions, at this point, are dominated by anti-Southron scalawags – just like this.

    Furthermore, Sir – in December of last year, my wife and I were able to end a 12 year long exile in far Northern Yankee land, and get back to our beloved South. As someone who was there for so long, I can tell you that Mrs. Richardson’s views may be unusual for the level of their vociferous evocations, but, in principle, most Yankees think this way. If you talk long enough to them, you’ll soon enough find it out.

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    • Also, if you talk to them long enough, they begin to realise that you’re and actual Human being , and not possessed of the intellect of a small child. Or an abstraction.


  3. I don’t have a problem with bigotry. Bigotry is a natural disposition towards outsiders that we all have. I don’t bend to any of the Left’s ‘sins.’ I’m a bigot and proud of it. And you know what, so is the Left. Instead of trying to shame them, I just make their bigotry towards us as yet another case for secession.


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