How anti-Southern is Professor Richardson?

Professor Heather Cox Richardson of Boston College, whose writings demonize Southerners and justify anti-Southern political violence, has written numerous hate articles for a far-Left website demonstrating an intolerant attitude and support for extremist positions well outside the mainstream.

How anti-Southern is Professor Richardson? She repeatedly retweeted praises for criminal anti-Southern actions recently taken by a Black Left-wing activist for which she was arrested. Not only is Professor Richardson’s praise for criminal activity troubling, her online political activism reveals her to be an anti-Southern extremist. According to the results of a recent CNN poll, Richardson is more anti-Southern than a significant majority (57%) of Americans and the vast majority of Southerners (75%).

This raises the question: is it appropriate for Professor Heather Cox Richardson to teach at Boston College? What sort of signal does her inclusion on the staff send to those of a Southern background or with Southern family ties? How can a radical Left-wing activist with extremist anti-Southern views provide a fair, inclusive and welcoming classroom environment for all students, including Southerners?



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  1. Ms. Richardson is simply expressing the New England mindset. Her neighbours in Boston are in complete agreement with her views.

    These are the people who created a privately funded guerilla army which overthrew the the territorial government of Kansas, held sham elections to replace it, and murdered Southerners in Kansas, Missouri and Texas. They attempted to do the same in Virginia. For this they are lionised as patriotic heroes, while their victims are villains for daring to fight back.

    The New England Immigrant Aid Company staked out lands stretching from Denton, Texas, in Denton county, to the north and west into the panhandle. Their plan was to kill, drive off and subjugate Texans in order to bring in New England settlers. They committed murders and arson in and around Dallas and Fort Worth and in Denton County. These are the incindiaries and revolutionaries mentioned in the Texas Ordinance of Secession. This is the source of the Northern attitude towards Southerners as being just another Indian tribe to be got out of the way. When Neo Yankees ask; “Who fired the first shot?”, here it is. Kansas, Missouri, Texas and Virginia. Some of these individuals were shielded from prosecution by the state governments of Ohio and Indiana. Some of them had also committed similar crimes in other Southern states. Though nowhere comparable to Kansas and Missouri.

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  2. Sir, sadly she is not an isolated example. Maybe, on the outside, she is a bit more extreme, but, her stance is fundamentally that of the entire faculty at my state’s most important school – UNC at Chapel Hill.

    On a smaller note, that may amuse you ; the Tea Party, in control of my state, ceast funding, entirely, 8 ‘centers’ of learning, on the UNC at Chapel Hill Campus – for their leftist, anti-southron agitations!

    See below…

    The Carolina Center for Public Service; the Carolina Women’s Center; the UNC Center for Faculty Excellence; the Center for Law and Government; the James B. Hunt, Jr. Institute for Educational Leadership and Policy; the Sonja Haynes Stone Center for Black Culture and History; the UNC Center for Civil Rights, the UNC Institute on Aging and the Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity.

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    • Excellent. These are essentially Leftist partisan political/cultural centers. They should be de-funded and abolished.


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