Columbia & Madrid: Symbolic war

The Republicans and Democrats in Columbia, South Carolina are not the only politicians in the Western world erasing the symbolism of Christian traditionalists who fought Leftists in defense of civilization. As the GOP-controlled SC Senate votes to lower the St. Andrew’s Cross of Dixie the new Leftist administration in Spain’s capital city is making similar moves. Fueled by the failure of the center-Right Popular Party (PP) to deal with high unemployment and a struggling economy, Leftists recently came to power across Spain. In Madrid they ended 24 years of center-Right rule.

One of the Left’s priorities now is completing the work begun by the two establishment parties over the last three decades of pulling down statues, renaming roads, changing flags, chiseling memorials off walls and in general erasing all symbolic reminders of General Francisco Franco’s Right-wing government. Franco united the Spanish military, Catholic Church, traditionalists and smaller nationalist groups against the Left-wing, anti-Christian government supported by communist and anarchists. The appropriately named Abraham Lincoln Brigade made up of Leftist volunteers from the USA fought in support of the Leftists, who were also aided by the Soviet Union. In a long, bloody civil war the Right prevailed and saved Spain from the Red terror. The desecration of churches, murder of priests and oppression of traditionalists was brought to an end. The largest cross in Europe was raised over a mountain near Madrid as part of a massive stone memorial to the soldiers who died in the war.

Now, in both Columbia and Madrid the memory of thousands of patriotic Christian soldiers who gave their lives for family, country and in defense of civilization is being spat upon by lesser men and women. It is a sad thing to behold.



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