Justice at the grocery store?

I just left a South Carolina grocery store and wanted to share my experience. The person in line in front of me was an obese Black woman. She had a buggy piled full of groceries and also paid for a propane tank replacement. She pulled out an EBT card, swiped it and then was told by the cashier that she owed just $18, which she paid with cash. I had just a few items – so few that I didn’t need a buggy. My total was $34, which I paid for with my debit card. I then walked outside to leave. As I did I passed the woman with all the groceries who had been in line ahead of me. She was getting into a very nice, new black sedan – a nicer car than I drive.

If I didn’t work long hours in the heat and cold for my money to buy groceries the experience might not have made such an impression upon me. Granted, I do not know the particulars of the woman’s case. I also support aid and work programs for those legitimately in need. But I see things like this – I see the taxes taken from my pay check – I see people using my money to buy so much food that they grow obese – and I then see them get into a nicer car than I drive – and I wonder, how can this be justice? Is this US system at all fair? Couldn’t we do better if we were free?



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  1. It’s not suppose to be fair. It is suppose to make people dependent on the government because people dependent on the government are people the governing parties can control.


  2. Sir, I warn you – if you start (in your heart and mind) with these kind of comparisions – you will be led by the Devil to a very negative place.

    This is how liberals get to where they go.

    A certain detachment is necessary – if you are not to go completely crazy, and, being an admirer of you, I do not want you to.

    You have already undertaken plenty on your shoulders – beware of adding ‘social justice’ …


  3. What angers me is the fact that Northerners claim that white Southerners don’t work and don’t pay taxes, and that they buy our groceries and pay our electric bills. Then they tax us to
    support people they exploit as political pawns in their unending war against white, Southern working folks..


  4. I also support aid and work programs for those legitimately in need.

    I fully support Church/charity based support aide and work programs. I don’t support government based work programs. Churches and private charities are better suited to determine who is and who isn’t in legitimate need. Also, because of the universal right to vote, those on the receiving end of welfare are now a constituency and have government advocates to continue the programs on their behalf. Enough of welfare receivers can out vote those who pull the wagon.

    It needs to be kept in mind that where ever we allow government to function in society it crowds out organic community. For example, allowing government to fund senior citizen programs like Social Security and Medicare has resulted in lower birthrates and the elimination of multi-generational housing/communities. Allowing government to control marriage instead of the family and Church has led to high divorce rates and interracial marriage. I propose that we have more society and less state.


  5. Free and Independent States would have control of their domestic affairs, cut out the social welfare programs; just one more reason to SECEDE!


  6. One more thing, Sir, if I may : your pay, for hard work, carries with it a compensation that no sloth can ever know. Don’t ever think that, just because racketeers of every size, shape, and tone, may look better than you at checkout, means that they are ‘better compensated’ than you.


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