SC Senate votes to yank Confederate flag

In a teaching moment for Southerners, the Republican and Democratic members of the South Carolina Senate voted almost unanimously to remove a Confederate flag that flies on Statehouse grounds beside a memorial to the many thousands of soldiers who fought for Southern independence. Both parties frequently use rhetoric about advancing democratic values. Yet the vote comes despite polls which show a majority of Americans and the overwhelming majority of Southern Whites see the banner as a symbol of Southern heritage. The Republican Party, frequently attacked in the US media as a “neo-Confederate” party of Southern Right-wingers, continues to lead the charge against Confederate-related symbolism. South Carolina’s pro-Big Business Governor Nikki Haley kick-started the anti-Southern charge following the Charleston massacre.



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    • There is talk of her getting a VP nomination. At any rate, I think she will move on to Federal politics. She has a bright future as a nominal non-White female GOPer with a record of giving Big Business anything they want while resisting Right-wing populists.


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