A Cicero for Dixie

Surely, the spirit of Cicero – the great Roman orator, statesman and advocate for a return to traditional Roman republicanism – has found its way into the body of Southern nationalist organizer William Flowers. Listen to Mr. Flowers speak on the steps of Mississippi’s State capital. Contrast his nationalist embrace of our people to the betrayal by Republican “conservative” politicians such as South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley and US Senators from Mississippi Roger Wicker and Thad Cochran. While the Republican Party, which finds its base of support among White Southern Christians, stabs our people in the back, Flowers stands with us and urges Southerners to join in the struggle for our people, culture, heritage and values.

Note: Don’t miss Mr. Flowers’ perhaps even stronger speech at the Alabama State capital.



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  1. Great speech. I’ve always believed that any mass Southern Nationalist movement would need a charasmatic leader to rally the Southern people. My support of SN is intellectually based. But I know most people aren’t intellectuals. Blogs, papers, books and conferences are valuable but mass movements usually rally around charasmatic leaders. Mr Flowers is well spoken and very sincere. I think he has a way of connecting with the Southern people and identifying with their frustrations. I do like how he as framed his speeches around an us versus them theme. I hope that he is able to give more speeches and can rally the Southern people.

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