Defiant answers

William Flowers, a modern day Cicero of Dixie, speaks to a US journalist in a recent video recorded at a pro-Southern flag demonstration in Mississippi. Mr. Flowers answers questions about the traitorous Republicans who have sold out Southerners on the Confederate flag, the question of racism, secession and identity. Notice that he asserts our ownership of the Southland. This is an important point never made by any US politician. Notice too that he doesn’t get defensive; he is resolute and always on offense.

Mr. Flowers and fellow pro-Southern activists were recently in the news for defending our symbols. Check out the media’s coverage!



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  1. One of the basic principles of Northern ideology is that the United StatesĀ® is the personal and common property of the Northern people. Non Northerners are merely tennants that exist at the sufferance of the North. This exact point is mentioned in the Texas Ordinance of Secession. It’s good that Mr. Flowers asserts that the South belongs to the Southern people. It’s interesting that Pennsylvanians are upset that Texans and Okies are drilling gas wells on their native soil. Like true hypocrites, they don’t like it when the shoe’s on the other foot.


  2. Over on Huffpo, Northerners are bashing Governor Haley for taking down the flag. Thus proving that Northerners are implacable and it’s a fool’s errand to pander to them, or seek their approval. By doing so, we acknowledge their right to rule us, that we’re their property, that we are lesser and inferior beings and that they do indeed have superior rights and authority in this supposed “Union of equals.”


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