Republican leaders vs voters on Confederate flag

Republican leaders in the South such as Mississippi House Speaker Philip Gunn and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley who have taken a vocal stand against the Confederate flag and Southern heritage are at odds with most Americans (57%) on the issue, three-quarters of White Southerners (75%) and a growing number of Republican voters. According to a Gallup poll, support among self-identified Republicans for the Southern banner is now at 78%, up from 75% in 1992.

To his credit, Republican Rep. Michael A. Pitts of Laurens County, South Carolina fought with a small group of pro-Southern Republicans against Black Democrats and anti-Southern White Republicans to save the Confederate flag. Representative Pitts has shown rare leadership among Republicans  in defense of the vast majority of his constituents. GOP Rep. Christopher A. Corley recently proposed before the legislature that the Confederate flag at the South Carolina Statehouse be replaced with a white banner of surrender as “the unofficial symbol of the Republican Party.”

Governor Nikki Haley, who kick-started the campaign among pro-Big Business Republicans to side with Black Leftists in eliminating Confederate symbols, celebrated last night as the GOP-controlled House voted to yank down the Southern flag from a memorial honoring the thousands of SC troops who died defending the South. Haley called it “a new day” but it appears much like the post war days of the 1860s when the Republicans sided with Northern “Money Power” (as described by SC Senator Robert B. Rhett) and Black Leftists against the interests of Southern Whites.



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  1. This just rams home the need for a Southern Nationalist party and the need to defeat both the Republican and Democratic parties in the South. Most of these party folks are beholden to non Southern, outside interests. On the other hand, Blacks are simply acting in accordance with the Northern programme set in place in 1865/66. They demand the things they were taught to demand, by the same outside interests. I don’t blame them because they’re a credulous people and will follow whatever boss seems most powerful or claims to care for their interests. Without the support of Northern Whites their programme would not exist, much less be viable. In their actions and those of their white colleagues is always the hidden hand of Boston, New York and Chicago.

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